Nokia 3230 review: Smartphone for the masses

Ivo Mareček, 19 March 2005. Read the original review at
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Organizer: nothing has changed

As the text given above indicates, the devices of the Series 60 are quite alike in a number of aspects. The system for time organizing is none of an exception. I did not discover any new developments in the calendar, the task organizer or the notes. To make the list complete let us also mention the calculator, the converter, the clock and the wallet.

Calendar tasks

Notes calculator converter wallet

Games: Bluetooth party

As a standard, the phone contains three preinstalled games

Agent V: your task in this game is to destroy the parasitic viruses circulating around. The camera lens is used as a means for multidimensional moves.

Rally Pro is a racing game. The task here is to reach the final point within the shortest time possible. This game could be played among more participants through Bluetooth.

Warrior is a classic "shooting game", where you fly in a rocket through the airspace trying to destroy your enemies. What is a bit odd here is the necessity to turn the display to the right by 90 degrees.

Internet: no problems

Nokia has already launched several models of mobile phones, in which it uses its own browser for WAP,HTML and XHTML pages. The situation with Nokia 3230 is no different. Even though the program appears to be relatively simple, it offers all main features, for example: correct page viewing, basic JavaScript support or a counter of data transferred. The latter, however, gets reset whenever the according page is opened again.

Text version of MobilManie in the internet browser

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