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Petr Broža, 24 May 2004. Read the original review at
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The email client

Another new feature in comparison to Nokia 5100 is the integrated POP3/SMTP email client, which is a Java application. Its abilities are similar with the abilities, available in other Nokia models, like 6820, 6230 and 6220 - basic functionality, the email attachments are not supported.

The organizer functions are also typical for Series 40. There is an alarm clock; you can use the radio or the handsfree to wake you up, but the option "snooze" is not available. The alarm clock works even when the phone is switched off. Another feature is the voice recorder, which can record for up to 3 min at an entry, but the total duration of all voice records is limited only by the available memory.

The alarm clock • setting the allarm clock • Voice recorder

It lights and it takes pictures

The integrated camera is something really new for a rugged phone. The camera shots video with sound and when it's dark the flashlight can be used; the duration of a single video record is 18 seconds. Once the unforgettable moment is recorded it can be sent via MMS.

Click to zoom. Nokia 5140 The camera

The mobile phone can shoot pictures and record video clips with total time of up to 18 seconds.

The quality of the integrated camera is neither any worse, nor any better in comparison to other models with VGA camera. I like the fact, that the color balance is accurate; the camera saves the colors the same as they are indeed. The functions of the camera are digital zoom, night mode, color, resolution, automatic close of the cover. The images can be sent by infrared port, cable or MMS.

Click to zoom. Nokia 5140 Click to zoom. Nokia 5140 Click to zoom. Nokia 5140

Click to zoom. Nokia 5140 Click to zoom. Nokia 5140 Click to zoom. Nokia 5140

Click to zoom. Nokia 5140 Click to zoom. Nokia 5140 Click to zoom. Nokia 5140 
The outdoor photos are quite good; the photos taken indoor sometimes are too dark.

Almost a Walkie Talkie

The technology Push To Talk is one of the latest innovations in the communication industry and Nokia 5140 is one of the first phones with Push To Talk support. It gives you the opportunity to use your phone like a Walkie Talkie. Unfortunately it works only if the operator supports this function and if the service is enabled. Push To Talk is really good and not only entertaining function. It could be used, for example, when the boss wants to talk at a time with more than one of his/her employees. Unfortunately this service is not free of charge.

 Push To Talk menu

Nokia 5140 is a very good choice to access the Internet. The phone offers you the fastest available GPRS speed - Class 10 - 4 timeslots for download and 2 timeslots for upload. If your network supports EDGE you can browse at even higher speeds - up to 177 kBps. To connect the Nokia 5140 as a modem to your computer or PDA you have to use infrared port or cable.

One other improvement, comparing to the predecessor Nokia 5100 is the increased amount of the internal memory - from 725 KB to 4 MB. You will find it very handy if you like to use the camera often, or if you want to have a picture for every person in your phonebook. For Java you will have 2 MB of available memory, while every single application must not exceed 128 KB - this is not a problem, because bigger applications cannot be found.

The memory stores a good amount of images, sounds and games.

Nokia 5140 will find its place

Nokia 5140 is a very well equipped phone, and as a whole it has more functions than Nokia 6610i, for example. Its extra-rugged construction is an advantage, but undoubtedly one can find phones of smaller dimensions. The keyboard with soft buttons could be considered rather a disadvantage, the display could be better; the requests of the clients are not completely satisfied. Personally I do not have any other remarks regarding this Series 40 model, equipped with a more resistant shell from the others.

Pros and cons

+ Enhanced durability
+ Integrated compass, thermometer, Decibel meter
+ VGA camera with good color balance
+ EDGE and Push To Talk support

- Outdated 4K color display
- Not very comfortable keyboard (a problem with the most of the rugged phones)
- Slow menu navigation

Series 40 ratings

We have prepared a table with our somewhat subjective ratings of all Nokia Series 40 models.

Phone model Rating
Nokia 6230 Excellent (93 %)
Nokia 5140 Excellent (87 %)
Nokia 7600 Excellent (87 %)
Nokia 6220 Excellent (87 %)
Nokia 6820 Excellent (87 %)
Nokia 7200 Excellent (86 %)
Nokia 6610i Excellent (84 %)
Nokia 7250i Excellent (83 %)
Nokia 7250 Excellent (83 %)
Nokia 6100 Excellent (82 %)
Nokia 7210 Excellent (81 %)
Nokia 6610 Excellent (81 %)
Nokia 5100 Satisfying (80 %)
Nokia 3200 Satisfying (79 %)
Nokia 6800 Satisfying (76 %)
Nokia 3100 Satisfying (75 %)
Nokia 3300 Satisfying (74 %)

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