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Does anyone know how to set up speaker volume because i cant find it anywhere?

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  • 2005-08-30 16:34
  • mVht
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Hi everybody,
well this phone is very nice. have thus told someone to have it as for its cheap price you have a 65k color screen. As for the data cable, can someone help me on this as i have read that the middle mni port is for car kit and here they say it's for the mini data cable. which one is true??
thks for yr reply.

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  • 2005-08-30 13:20
  • N7aL
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The displays screen is too small. Not very easy to type in a long sms. I feel 6021 is much better, with its business looks and bluetooth, IR connectivity options.( Though 6021 lacks FM, one can hook up a bluetooth wireless handsfree with integrated FM)

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  • 2005-08-27 08:29
  • PS@1
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i'm saisfy but i have a problem for download . i don't know how download you can help me for giving a good site for all download concerning nokia6030

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  • 2005-08-27 02:22
  • mtve
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I bought the phone, it's really very nice.

- The memory has 3 megabytes with 2.1 megabytes free when u buy it.
- The radio is mono.
- The screen is CSTN, 65,000 colors.
- Has only 1 game : "Nature park" which is a tetris-like but so much better.
- Fully supports GPRS, WAP & MMS.
- Has no data cable.

In general the phone is very reliable, has all basic features that could be in a colored mobile phone and is low-priced (I bought it at 810 EGP about 140 USD) but if u want to customize it, make sure that u buy a line that supports GPRS, because the phone has no data cale.

N.B: Because of copyrights, u can't send the ringtones u receive on ur phone to other mobile phones (I received 3 NRT ringtones which I was unable to send to my friends :( )

If u have any info about a possible Data Cable for Nokia 6030, Plz email me on:

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  • 2005-08-26 21:45
  • n9jf
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I think infra red is missing. if this feature would have been incorporated than this set might be a break through.nevertheless it still a good set.

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  • 2005-08-25 18:28
  • PTpA
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Have nice features,Infra-red is missing but still worth the price.

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  • 2005-08-24 07:40
  • PVtv
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hi,i want to ask about nokia 6030 and 6021.whats the total memory of these nokia cell phones,6030 have 500kb or about in pak there is no putsh to talk or email client over what would be best ,either 6030 or 6021.thanks

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  • 2005-08-24 05:10
  • PIbA
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yeah i bought this phone it is really nice n=but I wish they had put some more stuff in it....
Hey but worth its price.
And the radio is kool

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  • 2005-08-23 16:03
  • P%vR
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i want to know whether this phone has PC connectivity and if data cable can be used?

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  • 2005-08-23 10:00
  • P@Lj
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the phone is sleek and good but i want to know how many messages can it store. and its worth for this cost i have it already its realy good..

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  • 2005-08-22 12:56
  • j2Qj
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it is mono radio

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  • 2005-08-22 03:13
  • PyI}
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I've just called Nokia Careline in Egypt and they said that Nokia 6030 has NO pc connectivity in Middle East.

The phone is 825 EGPs from ITSALAT with 1 year guarantee and insurance against fire, water & smash. It will be available very soon In Shaa Allah.

The charger is 105 EGPs from ITSALAT too.

Best Regards.

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  • 2005-08-21 15:30
  • n9jg
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This phone is great! java 2.0, radio, and for only 49.99 on O2.

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  • 2005-08-19 10:38
  • nE3c
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plz any one tell me that 6030 have any type of pc connectivity mean it has some cable connection with PC or not

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  • 2005-08-18 08:03
  • Sfpk
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hi. how is the display of this phone? as its passive matrix... also what is the quality of rado?

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  • 2005-08-17 22:50
  • mcMR
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Where can I find Data Cabel. Is this some kind of mini-USB or...?

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  • 2005-08-14 15:18
  • nUxc
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Its Out !!! 6030 is Out here in India and the price is 5500 INR.

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  • 2005-08-10 00:21
  • in{D
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Does every one know that Ollila, that would be the former boss of Nokia has gone to Shell...and Cisco has been talking to Nokia about a merger...maybe times are shaky or time to team up like sonyericsson did! question is who will call the shots?

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  • 2005-08-08 21:29
  • Tqxe
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finally, a basic, decent-looking phone from nokia. no camera, but that's ok with me since i prefer having a separate digicam. but they should've placed IR or at least included a data cable in the package. i have the black one and it looks elegant. techies and teenagers would probably look elsewhere but this one's ok for an old geezer like me who likes the simpler things in life.

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  • 2005-08-06 00:38
  • PRQx
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