Nokia 6060 review: Magical attraction

Michal Sedlák, 15 November 2005. Read the original review at
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Menu and navigation

The menu is identical to the one of all other recent Nokia Series 40 models. The main menu is possible to view either as a matrix, or as a list of tiny icons, the choice is up to you. The icons displayed in a matrix are animated. The pictures placed next to the titles often have subunits in the second or even in the third sub-level.

Menu in matrix design • or as a list • pictures in menu's deeper level

When the device is in a stand-by mode, the left context key opens the "Go to" menu, which can be further customized according to one's own will. The right key helps assign a selected tag of the menu. This is true for all ways of the main control button too.

Different backgrounds

Main button settings • right context key options • and left context keys options

A very convenient extra, especially for the stand-by mode graphics, is the font color select option. White or light font converts what used to be a nightmare, when one was trying to read numbers or text displayed on dark wallpaper, into a normal reading process. But be careful, because if you set up an utterly dark scheme (not just wallpaper), all your excitement will vanish away. Modified font color only makes sense as far as the main display is concerned. In the rest of the menu levels titles and legends remain almost invisible.

Selecting font color for the main screen • color set selection

Before I forget, I'd rather mention the fact that Nokia 6060 is a surprisingly fast device. Displaying the main menu is the longest operation in the phone - it takes about one second. In all other cases the phone reacts really quickly, not to say immediately.

Pick up my number and make a call...

The phone fits in up to 500 contact names, each of which can be assigned five types of phone numbers, email, a web address and a note of the incredible 110 characters. All contacts can be sorted into groups. The groups alone are possible to differentiate by a picture and a ringtone. Individual names can be accompanied by a picture only.

A view into the phonebook • tags assigned to a single contact

When a contact person with attached picture calls you, the picture has priority over the group picture. The lack of a distinguishing ringing melody for individual contacts can be eluded by creating a group with a single member. This does not cause difficulties in the phonebook for there the groups and the contacts are displayed separately.

It is Kvetoslav calling, who has been assigned a picture of headphones

By gradually entering characters you get to the particular recipient. Both contacts from the SIM card and those saved in the memory of the phone can be displayed simultaneously; every newly created contact gets saved into the phone memory.

Viewing options • searching contacts

Nokia 6060 shows the phonebook in four different ways: standard small list with names, a big name and the main number (this type is possible to assign to each individual contact), a list of names displayed in a huge font, and finally, a phonebook, in which each contact is accompanied by a picture. Each contact has its detail view, which hides all assigned information. The detail view is entered through the confirming middle part of the main control button.

Viewing options • font size can be truly big

... or write a message

The phone is equipped with a three message editors: for standard SMS, for MMS and for instant messaging. If you need to attach a picture or a sound clip to a MMS, it should not be a problem. You can also add a note from the calendar or a business card from the phonebook. Keep in mind, however, that the message cannot exceed 100 KB.

Message editor • creating MMS • various options for inserting an object • view at a MMS Editor

SMS writing is a cheerful experience. Messages can be 6 x 160 characters long. Keys react promptly, even after a significant amount of characters have been written. If you want to be even faster, activate the T9 dictionary and you will notice the difference. T9 knows basic words and learns new ones quickly.

Countdown starts from the first written character and resets every 160 characters. For those with weaker eyes there is a menu option that modifies the font size. There are three sizes to choose from. The tiniest one lets you see an entire SMS altogether. The biggest font is truly big. Come to that - have a glance at the photos of the display. Once done, the setting you have selected is used for the incoming messages too.

Selecting the right font size • small • middle • big

As for the melody, with which Nokia 6060 alerts you about new messages, it is only up to you to decide. You can pick up any of the sound files saved in the phone. The pity is that it is a hard task to get a new melody into the device, for it does not allow connection through a cable, nor does it support Bluetooth or infrared. 6060 only works with WAP. And here comes another difficulty: try to download a few pictures, themes and melodies and you will end up with full phone memory. The latter is 3 MB. No more. No less.

You've got a new message!

The polyphony is 16-channels one. The phone has two dozens of pre-installed ringtones. Nokia 6060 works with MP3 files too. I have already complained once about the performance of the built-in speaker when I activated the loud handsfree set and I am going to do it once again now. The problem is that when you set the volume to 65% and more, the sound gets distorted and almost unrecognizable. Ringing profiles are possible to modify. In addition, Nokia 6060 offers 2 memory spots for the user to create their own profiles from the very beginning. The expiry date can also be set.

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