Nokia 6060 review: Magical attraction

Michal Sedlák, 15 November 2005. Read the original review at
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Let me just appoint a date...

According to Nokia 6060 the week starts on Saturday, on Sunday, or even on Monday. The choice is yours. The calendar is very well organized and offers all possible views: a month, a week and a day one. It also allows for a reminder and a note to be saved, both of which can be no longer than a standard SMS - 160 characters.

Month view • week view at the calendar

The calendar includes birth dates as well. Yet, it would have come handier, if the birth dates were saved together with the contact names. I mean, if they are entered in the phonebook and then automatically copied into the calendar. All types of events (not only birth dates) can be set to repeat after a certain period of time or be alert about at a selected moment in the future.

Creating an event • alert view

The task editor is far from complicated, but still quite usable. Once successfully done, the pre-set tasks can be marked off. Individual notes may have up to 3000 characters, i.e. far more than those in the calendar.

A single note fits in up to 3000 characters

Any deleting in both writing messages and text entering has been freed of the classical disappearance of all characters one by one, caused by a press and a long hold of the correcting key. Instead, in the message menu there is a delete-all option, which I miss in large text files like the long notes, for example.

Day view at an event • detail of selected event • task manager • detail of selected task

The rest of the functions in the organizer are old and well known. The calculator keeps multiplication and dividing disadvantaged. It is equipped with a simple currency converter with 10 spaces for the result to be displayed.

Calculator and its options

As for the time functions, the phone offers a stopwatch with meantime and lap time as well as a countdown option and an alarm clock. The alarm clock features a repeating option on any weekday, ringing selection option and a repeating alarm delay of one second up to 100 hours.

More applications

Who can't do with the currency converter in the calculator, they may find satisfaction in the "Converter II" application, which offers everything you could ever need: currencies, weighs, lengths, surface measures and capacities, and in addition, a self-definable coefficient.

Currency and unit converter: Converter II

I guess some of you may find the so called "Expense Manager" efficient. It helps the user count up their daily and monthly expenses, which are sorted into various categories. Once you have received your salary, go to the "Plan" option, where you can make your preliminary budget for the coming month. The phone allows you to use more than one currency, which comes in handy if you travel a lot, but be sure to define them first. There is also an option that lets you lock all details saved into this application in order that your friends do not get to find out how much you can afford to spend in a month.

Expense Manager

Surf and fun

Nokia 6060 supports GPRS Class 6. Once you manage to download an entire WAP or simple web page, you can enjoy it in 10 lines and color pictures.

Entering addresses • simple web page

As for Nokia's fun applications, they are materialized in four games. Water supply piping is constructed in Canal Control, Galaxy Balls is basically a ball-point Tetris, Miki's World is an amusing jumping game, and finally, Solitaire, which does not need to be presented.

Canal Control • Galaxy Balls • Miki's World • Solitaire

Well, it does not connect with other devices... but it surely connects people...

I would have been happy if I could see this slogan printed on Nokia 6060's box. Let me explain: the phone lacks both Bluetooth and infrared. What a pity, indeed... Anyway, the phone is prepared to match its owner's outlook and behaviour as precisely as possible. But what will you have of it, since there is nothing to make you feel original and different from the other Nokia 6060's owners?

But that's it, fellows! Nokia 6060 allows you to download new sounds or pictures in no other way, but through the expensive WAP technology. And don't even dare think of how much your friends would have liked to send you "the latest hit"!

In other words, Nokia 6060 is connecting people, even though it is not capable of connecting itself to surrounding devices. It is offered for approximately €140 and I do not doubt it will occupy a front place in the window cases. It is just the type of middle-class, non-sophisticated handset, which is a bit more expensive that it could have been in terms of offered equipment. The style, elegance and label however are all here.

Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6060
Nokia 6060 has something extraordinary

Fanatic Nokia fans will surely be satisfied users of this phone. Others may start to peep at mobile phones, manufactures by Samsung - the expert in clamshells, such as the camera-equipped – X640 or E330 which also features an external color display. Not only have these models a built-in antenna, but they are also offered for less than 170 euros. If you are more into edge design, you may consider the long-eared Siemens CF75.

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