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Marek Lutonský, 08 May 2005. Read the original review at
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Better web

Nokia improved its internet-WAP browser already in its 6630 model. It manages both WAP pages and HTML. Perhaps this multi-functionality is the reason why Nokia does not offer other browsers - neither in the memory, nor on the memory card or the attached CD. There is no Opera or NetFront, although Nokia used to promise to include them.

Pages in the built-in internet browser

I did not trust the built-in browser at the beginning. The reason is that in older Nokia models it used to be somewhat useless and I had to always install an additional application - Opera or NetFront. This time, however, it is not bad at all and fulfills the requirements for common work. It sets font, saves pictures, supports fullscreen mode, uses graphics to shows the state of the page that is being opened as well as data that have been transferred. (Unfortunately, it starts to count all over again with each open page); it also manages the basics of JavaScript.

We prefer SMS in PC Suite

The attached CD is poor, as usual. PC Suite software package is outdated, so I recommend you to download it from the web. Besides PC Suite, there is only a demo version of Lifeblog and few pieces of information about the phone, which are to be found on the web, as well.

When Nokia came with a new version of the PC Suite software package a year ago, it was a shock. It required a slightly different approach and no one really welcomes such changes, especially considering the fact that the new version turned to be incompatible with the applications based on the older Mrouter utility. This time, however, you will gradually get to know that synchronizing in Nokia 6681 has been notably improved: it is simple, fast and most of all handy. Phone and computer easily find each other through Bluetooth when put closer and connection is established immediately.

While the data synchronization ran smoothly already from the very beginning of our testing process, the rest of the applications would not start to work at all. I had to disconnect the device and start all over again. After establishing the new connection what started to protest was the File manager, which gets you into the phone's memory from the computer. Eventually, it whooped itself up "out of the blue".

PC Suite contains a number of programs; some of them are quite useful, others are less important. I am not going to describe them in details; instead, I offer you a brief legend for each one.

  • Connection control: after establishing a connection between a computer and the phone
  • Application downloads: downloads programs into the phone
  • Synchronization: synchronizes data between the computer and the phone
  • Music transfers: prepares and downloads music into the phone and works with playlists
  • Adding a contact: for manual work with contacts (a weird program)
  • Wallpaper creator: creates pictures for the phone
  • Internet connection: for easy setup of internet connections
  • Multimedia player: plays videos in 3GP format
  • File manager: displays files and folders in the phone's memory on the computer
  • Creating ringing profiles: creates ringing melodies
  • Sending SMS: for writing SMS from the computer (it still does not work with mobiles featuring Symbian)
  • Zipping: for zipping the mobile's content
  • Saving pictures: for quick downloading of pictures and videos from the phone into the computer (new)

A parallel model, not just a successor

Does switching from the previous Nokia 6630 to the new 6681 model make sense? I do not think so. As the new Nokia does not offer anything special, you better stick to your old fellow, unless you compete with someone in terms of number of used mobiles… I am also skeptical about replacing the 6670/7610 models, even though the differences between them and the new Nokia 6681 are significant - consider the speed of the new model, for example. Anyway, you will do better if you wait for the oncoming N70 model. The only substitution, which definitely makes sense, is the one of Nokia 6600 and the older models with Symbian.

If you decide to switch phones, do not worry for your data for they can be easily copied
and pasted into the new device thanks to the application given above

You are choosing a new mobile and you are swinging between Nokia 6630 and 6681 finding it hard to make the final choice? The price gap between the two phones is about 70 euros. For this money you get a smarter design (which is individual, of course), the Active stand-by mode application, an useful cover for the camera lens and a flash. No, I don't think I have forgotten anything critically important. I myself would rather go for Nokia 6681, yet with the design being my only reason.

Nokia 6681. Click to zoom Which one should I choose?

The new 6681 model does not bring any revolutionary innovations into the world of smart phones. It is just another mobile, a result of the gradual development. The most notable innovation lies in the design and the event review on the main display. If you can do without 3G support, consider this high-class smartphone the best among all phones of the Series 60.

The initial price of Nokia 6681 is about 500 euros. It is not that bad considering the fact, that Nokia 6630 was initially offered for 670 euros. Nevertheless, it is a very expensive phone and you will not a make a mistake if you wait with the purchase a bit.

Package Content

  • Phone
  • Li-Ion 900 mAh battery
  • Charger
  • RS-DV-MMC 64 MB memory card
  • Adapter for the memory card
  • USB reader
  • USB cable
  • Stereophonic earphones combined with handsfree
  • Wrist strip
  • CD containing the program PC Suite
  • A manual and additional paper documents

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