Nokia 6760 slide review: Compact messaging

GSMArena team, 12 November 2009.
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The usual web browser

The Nokia 6760 slide comes complete with an elaborate browser to make use of the connectivity set and a dedicated hardware key on the front panel. The browser has excellent page rendering and works in both portrait and landscape mode and switches automatically thanks to the accelerometer sensor. The zoom level is easily controlled and the font size can be modified to fit as much content as possible on a single page.

The virtual mouse cursor earns the browser another point. It is easy to control and generally works great. A mini-map can be activated to help find your way around large sites where lots of scrolling is required.

Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide
Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide
The web browser has a great page rendering algorithm

Organizer and apps

Smartphones can hardly be accused of lacking time-management skills. Even if you do happen to miss an application you need on your Nokia 6760 slide, there is plenty of third party software out there. However for most everyday uses it's unlikely you'll need anything more than the package you get straight out of the box.

The calendar has the typical three different view modes - monthly, weekly and daily, and four types of events available for setting up - Meeting, Memo, Anniversary and To-do. Each event has unique fields of its own, and some of them allow an alarm to be activated at a preset time to act as a reminder.

Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide
The calendar has three view modes and four types of events to set up

Mobile office is also very well geared, with preinstalled applications able to open Word and Excel, PDF and PowerPoint files seamlessly. Editing documents is not supported though by the included Quickoffice version. If you would like editing enabled you will have to get the complete application from the Nokia Download center for a fee.

Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N86 8MP
The mobile office is more than decently geared but it doesn't support editing out of the box

The other office application is a ZIP manager, which allows extracting archived files straight on your phone.

Some of the other included organizing and time-management applications are a great unit converter, calculator and voice recorder, as well as the Notes application.

Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide
Unit converter, calculator and a voice recorder also come preinstalled

The alarm application allows you to set up as many alarms as you want, each with its own name, trigger day and repeat pattern. If this seems too complicated, there is a quick alarm setup where all you do is set the time and you're good to go.

Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide
The clock/alarm application

The dedicated Search application works great. It can search almost the entire phone, or in separate sections as music, applications, messages, emails, landmarks etc. It can also search online using Google.

Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide Nokia 6760 slide
The search application that is similar to the spotlight search in the Apple iPhone 3G

Ovi here, Ovi there

Typically for the latest Nokia devices the 6760 slide has tight Ovi integration with the Ovi contacts preinstalled on the phone. You may share with your friends all type of media via Ovi Share and see all the stuff your buddies have published.

Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N86 8MP
Ovi Share, viewing your contact's media, uploading file

Thanks to this service you will be able to chat in real time with all your Ovi/Google Talk-connected contacts, change your status messages and mood, and all that kind of social networking stuff. In addition you can even share your GPS location so your friends can view immediately where you are at that particular moment using the Ovi Maps (something along the lines of Google's Latitude service).

You can share the name and the artist of the track you are currently listening to. What else can we say - it all works exactly as advertized. Your contacts need not have an Ovi-connected phone, they can chat with you just fine over Google Talk.

Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N86 8MP
Ovi contacts

Nokia 6760 slide comes with two full-featured games - the Asphalt4 and Marble games. They both are well known titles that Nokia put on most of their handsets.

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