Nokia 800 ad leaks, confirms the name of the WP smartphone

12 October, 2011 | Comments (97) | Post your comment

More proof that the Nokia 800 is going to be announced at Nokia World at the end of this month just came from India. It was brought by a leaked poster, advertising the availability of the Windows Phone Mango-running smartphone on Airtel.

The Nokia 800, which will share its design with the Nokia N9 (but for the three keys that have replaced the bottom part of the display) was previously said to be named Nokia Sun, but that name is nowhere to be seen on the poster. It was either a codename (though we also saw Sea Ray as the codename for this device) or the name of some carrier-specific edition of the smartphone.

The new leak brought no new information about the Nokia 800 specs, but those are pretty clear already. The Nokia flagship for Windows Phone will come with a 3.7" AMOLED of WVGA resolution, a 1.4 GHz CPU and a plastic unibody (that will hopefully be in-depth colored as the one of the N9).

We also got word of the availability of the Nokia 800 in India. The Asian country won't make it into the first wave to get WP7.5 devices by Nokia and it will have to wait until Q1 of 2012.

Just two week until the official unveiling, so we'll know everything else there is to know pretty soon.

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Nokia 800 ad leaks, confirms the name of the WP smartphone - reader comments

  • Anonymous

Just as the iPhone multitasking :) I am still yet to see a multitasking as the one available in Symbian for more than 5 years now. Looking forward to next week's show though... think time is coming for changing the HTC Desire with something...

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  • 2011-10-19 17:34
  • S9jf
  • Cedriclebo

So A Nokia with 1.4 as the Nokia 800 cannot play 1080p ?

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  • 2011-10-17 15:12
  • N7Hb
  • Anonymous

i have also read a few reviews of mango and even customer feed back forum of WP7 also. but it seems, most of the things are still missing. for ex. multi tasking is not for real. it just freezes an app and restarts from where it was stopped. custom ...

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  • 2011-10-17 11:54
  • ub69