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Marek Lutonský, 26 November 2004. Read the original review at
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Never mind the fact that Nokia 9500 is a work-orientated device, it also has several options, which could be called entertaining. The first one is the MP3 player. Even though Nokia delivers the communicator with only a simple handsfree set with one headphone, it is also possible to connect stereo headphones to the Pop-Port. You could find them in the Nokia 6630 (HDS-3 model) package. Besides MP3 Nokia also supports sound formats as AMR, WAV, MIDI, AAC and AWB. They all could be used for ringer sounds, especially the MIDI format with 24-voice polyphony.

Music player

One of the applications is the video. There is a RealPlayer installed in the communicator. It plays not only stream videos but also 3GP and MP4 formats. Therefore you may easily record a film on the memory card and play it on Nokia afterwards. Unfortunately the comfort when watching a video is limited by the size of the display.

Playing video


Nokia 9500 is a quite complicated device compared to the mobile phones we usually test. I would rather not write about further details for I might start communicating with myself and probably few more long-term readers. I feel I have already come to the limits of a reasonable text size, so I need to be brief. I will just go through the menu and figure out if I have not forgotten to mention something important.

File manager: it will help you orientate in documents, pictures and other files. It is one of the most important applications.

File manager

Calculator: It has two versions - a desk calculator and a professional one. It manages more tasks than the common mobile phones do.

Desk calculator • professional calculator

Images: pictures and other images browser. It is not very fast. Moreover images cannot make use of the whole desktop for the display is narrow.

Image browser

Dictaphone: the duration of the message recorded depends only on the capacity of free memory. One can choose between telephone's memory and the memory card. The record can be saved in either AMR or WAV format.


Backup: application, which serves for backing up data onto the memory card or optionally for data restoring.


Data transfer: a program, which synchronizes data between two mobile devices, by using Bluetooth for example. I tried to test it but unfortunately I was not successful.

Modem: the communicator can be used as an external modem when connecting the computer to Internet

Control panel: it serves for setting up the communicator. There are a big number of folders which lead to several dozens of files. I will mention just one: HP printer choice for setting direct printing.

Communicator is to be set up exactly here - in the control panel

We should not forget that communicator uses the open Symbian operating system. That is why it is not a problem to additionally install other applications. Some of them could be found on the CD. I tested some of the programs originally made for the old 9210 model and they worked very well. Anyway we still cannot be definitely positive about the compatibility. The communicator also supports Java J2ME in two separate versions: MIDO 2.0 and Personal Profile 1.0.

Installing a program: where to place the shortcut? • Application world time setting already accomplished

I have not said a word about Nokia's data security system. As expected, you can lock the communicator by using a password. It activates itself after some time inactivity. The communicator also has an absolutely unique option: it is possible to lock it from a distance. The only thing you have to do is send Nokia a SMS with particular text and it gets locked. You would also receive a confirming message about it in the phone you have sent the SMS from.

The next communicator - not earlier than the year 2008?

It is a pity we have had to wait for the new communicator a long time. All decisions regarding the new devices are in the manufacturers' hands though. Nokia 9500 Communicator has fulfilled our expectations. It is a brilliant mobile device, which will make its users happy and their life more comfortable. Most of all I would like to praise Communicator's communication strengths. In contrast to the old model, which was falling behind, the new Nokia offers - except for 3G - practically everything one would like to have.

What about competition? If we leave notebooks apart, the devices, which come closest to Nokia, are the MDA communicators and DataPhone. Sony Ericsson P910 seems to be a dangerous competitor as well. Nevertheless Nokia 9500 Communicator will be your best choice provided you need a high-quality keyboard and something more than just external accessories.

During the first quarter of the year 2005 another competitor will conquer the market and that is the Nokia 9300 Communicator. It has a more catch-the-eye design and is smaller than Nokia 9500. Compared to its "big brother" it will not be equipped with Wi-Fi and a digital camera, but it will be cheaper.

Standard delivery package

  • Communicator
  • Battery
  • Synchronizing stand

    Click to zoom. Nokia 9500 Click to zoom. Nokia 9500
  • USB cable
  • Handsfree set
  • Charger
  • Memory Card (depends on the model)
  • CD with software and information
  • User's guidebook and other documents

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