Nokia Asha 311 review: A penny saved

GSMArena team, 14 September 2012.
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Great file manager

The Nokia Asha 311 has something that makes the (supposedly dumb) S40 UI look much smarter than the likes of iOS and Windows Phone. That's right, we are talking about a full-featured file browser.

The app is called Files and lists all your local folders with the memory card on top. Different icons are available for the different file types, the multimedia files appear with small thumbs.

Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311
The powerful S40 file browser

A few handy options are available in the advanced menu - change view and sorting, add new folder or mark some/all files. If you tap and hold on a file you'll get options such as copy, cut, paste, rename, delete, mark and details.

The app has everything you may need in a file browser and puts to shame many smart file explorers thanks to its simple yet powerful interface.

Functional gallery and photo editor

The image gallery is a Symbian copycat. Photos are displayed in a three-column grid, with kinetic scrolling enabled. The gallery has one problem - it can't show more than 1000 images. So if your memory card is full of pictures, the Asha 311 is not the best choice of device to browse them on.

Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311
The Asha 311 gallery

You can organize your photos into albums and there is an album view as a separate tab in the gallery. The video section is the final tab and lists any supported videos you've uploaded on your memory card.

A tap and hold on a file lets you rename, delete, share or assign the image to a contact or set it as wallpaper.

Auto-rotation and pinch zooming are enabled in the gallery.

Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311
Viewing a single image Editing options

You can edit pictures from the advanced menu. The available options are crop, rotate, flip, effects, warp, add frame, clip art, add text, adjust brightness and contrast, retune colors or do auto enhance. Not bad, is it?

The renovated music player

The music player has a rather basic interface with lots of hidden features.

The Now Playing screen displays a large album art picture, alongside the track name, a scrubber and music controls.

The bottom of the screen has three tabs, the first one being the Now Playing screen. The next one is the Library with the default sorting options - all tracks, artists, albums, genres and videos. The last tab has your custom playlists with a few default ones available - recently added, recently played, most played and now playing.

Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311
The music player is nice

Shuffle, repeat and equalizers are available too. You can also play music over Bluetooth.

Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311
The music player options Equalizers

The music player supports background playback, but there are no quick controls in the notification area or the lockscreen.

FM radio with RDS

The FM radio on Nokia Asha 311 comes with a neat and simple interface. You can change stations with the dedicated controls at the bottom. There is a tab with all available stations.

Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311 Nokia Asha 311
The FM radio app

The radio has RDS support and automatic rescanning.

Audio quality has its ups and downs

With no resistance applied to its line-out (when used with an active external amplifier), the Nokia Asha 311 was able to impressively clean output. All of the readings of the featurephone were excellent and its volume levels were very high, too.

Sadly, plugging in a pair of headphones leads to a huge spike in intermodulation distortion, which is rather damaging to the overall sonic experience. Stereo crosstalk rises as well, but that's not as worrying. Now add the volume levels which drop to average and the far worsened frequency response and you get a rather mediocre performance.

And here come the full results so you can see for yourselves:

TestFrequency responseNoise levelDynamic rangeTHDIMD + NoiseStereo crosstalk
Nokia Asha 311+0.04 -0.09-87.387.30.0062 0.016-88.7
Nokia Asha 311 (headphones attached)+0.90 -5.54- 1.406-53.4
Nokia Asha 305+0.47 -0.20- 0.113-82.8
Nokia Asha 305 (headphones attached)+1.07 -0.42-84.984.80.081 0.634-46.0
Nokia Asha 302+0.04 -0.09-87.587.40.0053 0.014-88.3
Nokia Asha 302 (headphones attached)+0.64 -4.70-87.487.40.048 1.494-48.1
Nokia Asha 200+0.15 -0.31- 0.067-78.1
Nokia Asha 200 (headphones attached)+0.62 -0.39-80.479.50.039 0.348-56.2
Nokia Asha 300+0.04 -0.09-87.987.90.0050 0.014-86.8
Nokia Asha 300 (headphones attached)+0.53 -3.34-86.885.60.042 0.917-51.5
Nokia Asha 303+0.04 -0.10-87.587.40.0060 0.017-73.3
Nokia Asha 303 (headphones attached)+0.50 -0.17-87.587.20.017 0.350-55.7
Nokia Lumia 710+1.94, -2.90-80.980.80.061 1.603-85.7
Nokia Lumia 710 (headphones attached)+2.04, -2.69-83.383.00.061 1.574-54.5

Nokia Asha 311
Nokia Asha 311 frequency response

You can learn more about the whole testing process here.

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