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E5 is a great phone...
I brought it 3 days a go until now its working great...
I personally recommend this phone to any body who looking for a Nokia low budget smart phone...

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  • 2010-11-24 13:32
  • w9LJ
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> In reply to narendra from jaipur @ 2010-11-24 10:15 from TL5H - click to readDid you purchase this phone from NPD ? Very Disturbing reports. I was very much enthusiastic
about purchasing this phone

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  • 2010-11-24 13:21
  • vGHk
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Having owned both the Nokia E63 and E5 I can make comparisons between the two. E63 looks good and has a better screen display but it is slow in terms of software operation. The E5 screen display is not all that good but it is fast and efficient software wise. So it depends on what u r looking for. If u want a device that works fast and efficiently then go for the E5. If u want good hardware looks then go for the E63.

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  • 2010-11-24 11:02
  • N7$q
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does it use double sim card

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  • 2010-11-24 10:47
  • fuvA
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  • narendra from jaipur
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> In reply to Krishna @ 2010-11-14 16:22 from vId4 - click to readive bought nokia e5 on 11 nov10, from day first of purchasing it have problem of hang and auto switch off any time, nokia care centre could'nt solve this problem and send it to head office.
this phone isnt good. dont waste ur money on it

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  • 2010-11-24 10:15
  • TL5H
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Does any know if there is any solution to E5 reboot problem? This phone reboots itself without any particular reason. Many time it just turns off and you have to turn it on yourself. The problem reduced a bit after I unisntalled all third party softewares like e-moze.

Otherwise (when it works) this is the best phone I have ever seen.

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  • 2010-11-24 09:20
  • PSL6
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Awesome phone so far... Only disappointment is the headphones? It's so soft and the sound quality???

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  • 2010-11-24 08:46
  • FXea
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OMG! I can't believe so many people are complaining about this absolutely awesome phone. i bought it about a month ago and i have to say that it is truly AWESOME! It does its task very well and not even once it has shown me the memory full error which is prone to be seen in nokia phones or has it hung or turned itself off. Have been using an android phone before this and truly there is no comparison with android though. But this phone suffices al my needs and the only thing i suffer from is the small screen. in my previous amoled screen phone, watching movies were a treat and its a pain here in the e5. But u know that before u buy a business phone. Ultimately, this phone rocks hands down and anyone who wants to buy it can buy it eyes closed(but choose the white color, i personally didn't like the black one).

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  • 2010-11-23 19:45
  • vG3q
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i don't suggest anyone to go for such a damn phone makes me crazy all the time. it just switches off itself all of a sudden.

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  • 2010-11-23 18:23
  • nC6X
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Crap phn, dnt waste ur money on dis 1...
E 63 is better..
D camera of e5 is 5mp for name tks lot of tym to save a pic wen u tk a snap..
Pics taken at nyt r worse..d flash seems camera dsnt wrk wel eithr..
D display of d phn is a major setbck..e63 hs a crispier screen..
Battery lyf is poor wen u use internet..
d metal body gets warm wen u charge d phn..d frnt metal wrk dsnt luk gud either..
Ppl if u gt enuf money, jst go for e72, its d bst phn..
Or else e63 is a better choice n a real value 4 money..dnt waste ur money on e5..

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  • 2010-11-23 18:00
  • YQFm
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> In reply to roland @ 2010-11-23 15:25 from 3sEw - click to readGet a virus protector because most of the time its a virus from use on the internet etc

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  • 2010-11-23 16:50
  • HDBB
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-11-23 07:15 from mTV9 - click to readLOL. If you want to have it readable outdoors whikle exposed to sunlight,

Go to Control Panel -> Settings -> General -> Personalization -> Display -> and turn Light Sensor to MAXIMUM.

I had the same problem before. And it really, really scared the heck out of me until I found the solution. E5 is a great phone. I'm not satisfied with the camera, tho. My old n73 performs better in this regard.

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  • 2010-11-23 15:46
  • v0qM
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Its quit a good phone, but the only am having with it is dat, the phone goes off on its own, sometimes, it freezes ! ! !
Pls nokia should do something about this

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  • 2010-11-23 15:25
  • 3sEw
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i just want to ask, becuase im so confused now.. what is a better phone e5 or e71... i want a phone that i can use wifi, i can download different kind of games, i can store lots of music and good quality camera.. tnx guys..

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  • 2010-11-23 14:15
  • t7V2
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amazing phone with exciting features... complete blend of multimedia and business series.. guyz amazing phone for smart phone beginners..go for it

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  • 2010-11-23 13:28
  • w4Y$
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> In reply to Qaiser @ 2010-11-22 06:28 from uWSe - click to readYes download skype from ovi store

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  • 2010-11-23 09:11
  • uWuY
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-11-22 02:54 from t7M7 - click to read
nowadays to comprise with the price Nokia is making only bad displays which performs really really poor in sunlight, a real pain the a**

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  • 2010-11-23 07:15
  • mTV9
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Hello guys..

i just bought e5 last night... and now i don't know how to 'press button unlock to activate keypad'..

where is the button unlock.. or what's button should i use to unlock my keypad... OMG.. what a shame on me..!!!

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  • 2010-11-23 01:12
  • wHTP
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> In reply to Qaiser @ 2010-11-22 06:28 from uWSe - click to readYes, just download it at free.

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  • 2010-11-22 22:58
  • tDKi
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I have had my phone for a few months now, i would like to know if anyone could help me as my phone doesnt not alert me by sound or vibrations anymore for when i receive a text. It is not on silent on anything and my settings are set to have a sound and vibration alert.

Can anyone help me out on what the problem might be?
It would be greatly appreciated!


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  • 2010-11-22 20:11
  • nu2y
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