Nokia E52 review: E as in Exceptional

GSMArena team, 11 August 2009.
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Excellent time-management, Office 2007 support

Time-management is another business phone virtue. There's no wonder then that the Nokia E52 has one of the most elaborate organizer packages we've seen. There are a lot of nice applications, all very user-friendly and functional.

The trip starts with the calendar. It has four different types of view - to-do, weekly, daily and agenda as well as five types of events available for setting up - Meeting, Meeting request, Memo, Anniversary and To-do.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52
Setting up an event

The agenda view mode is relatively new to Nokia handsets and is really nice - it allows the dates of the month and the events for the selected day to appear simultaneously on the screen.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52
Day, week and agenda views

Mobile office is also duly covered, with seamless handling of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. Furthermore, unlike most other Nokia handsets out there, editing documents is supported right out of the box.

With the Nokia E52 you won't need to pay extra for editing your office documents. And there's another thing you get for free - support for Office 2007 documents (.docx, etc.)

Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52
The E52 also supports document editing out of the box

A PDF reader is also part of the Nokia E52 preinstalled content and a ZIP manager allows extracting archived files straight from your phone.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52
A PDF reader is also available • ZIP manager

The other pre-bundled organizing and time-management applications are: a great unit converter, calculator and voice recorder, as well as the Notes application. We are not going to get into detail with them, as their functionality and performance are familiar enough.

The ActiveNotes application is also on board allowing multimedia content to be added to your notes.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52
Some of the other organizer apps: unit converter, calculator and ActiveNotes

The Nokia E52 alarm clock application allows a huge number of alarms to be set, each with its own name and start time. You can also customize the snooze time from the settings menu.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52
The E52 allows dozens of alarms to be set simultanelously

The useful "Search" application is also present on the Nokia E52. Its reserved space in the active stand-by menu no longer comes as a surprise. After all, an application this useful really deserves to be conveniently placed.

The application itself finds almost every item in your Nokia based on a given keyword. From messages to settings, every bit of data is checked and results are then listed.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52
If it's on the phone the Search app will find it

Finally, the Nokia E52 features a dictionary with a really rich database. English comes pre-installed but you can also download dozens of other languages for free from the Nokia website.

Nokia E52
The dictionary has a rich database

The World Traveler app helps you when visiting a new city - it'll display weather forecast, it also offers a world clock, info on foreign currency, flights and even a 3D globe that marks your home and current location.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52 Nokia E52
The traveler app can be quite helpful when travelling abroad

Thanks to the wireless presenter you can handle presentations straight from your phone.

Nokia E52
WiPresenter is also here

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