Nokia E7 review: Open for business

GSMArena team, 02 March 2011.
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Final words

The Nokia E7 is either the best Symbian^3 smartphone on the market or the second best. This just can’t be bad news – whether you’re a brand-loyal upgrader or an unbiased user shopping for a premium smartphone.

Symbian has been questioned and doubted but Nokia are giving users something to hang on to, something to use in their defense. The E7 has all the latest and most advanced ingredients: a ClearBlack AMOLED screen, USB-on-the-go, an HDMI port, penta-band 3G. HD video, the anodized unibody and a lifetime sat-nav license are also massive points in favor.

But are we simply delaying the inevitable here? Even the best Symbian^3 devices aren’t quite on par with the competition. It’s not about the specs, nor is it about the power or performance. It’s that bit of touchscreen magic that has so far eluded Nokia and Symbian. Frustrated to the point of giving up, Nokia are looking to Windows Phone 7 to get their inspiration back.

It obviously isn’t the E7’s fault but – just as obvious – the Nokia E7 will have to suffer the consequences. Politics aside, the E7 is having another thing to worry about. It seems a little overpriced at the moment and, we are afraid, by the time its price settles down Symbian will be a few months closer to its inevitable demise.

The two major Android competitors – having been released earlier – cost less than the E7.

The HTC Desire Z has a higher-res screen, albeit of inferior quality. Android offers better touchscreen experience and a vastly superior number of apps. With the Desire Z, you’d be sacrificing the metal body but getting an autofocus camera in return.

The Motorola MILESTONE 2 boasts a FWVGA screen though, again, LCD. Motorola’s after-market support has been pretty poor recently, but the MILESTONE 2, being their flagship might make it to Gingerbread.

HTC Desire Z Motorola MILESTONE 2
HTC Desire Z • Motorola MILESTONE 2

You might also want to consider some of the WP7 alternatives, like the HTC 7 Pro or LG Optimus 7Q. With the first major WP7 update around the corner, their business appeal might get a boost. But you know, Windows Phone 7 will no longer be competition. It will take time for the Nokia WP7 offerings to hit the shelves but there are interesting times ahead.

HTC 7 Pro LG C900 Optimus 7Q
HTC 7 Pro • LG Optimus 7Q

That’s the curse the Nokia E7 has to live with. Last time we checked, Eseries were the easiest phones to recommend to anyone looking for a handsome, sensible and powerful business phone. And they didn’t even have to be die-hard Symbian fans. But things look different for the E7 – its timing just couldn’t have been worse. This may not be the end of an era – but the Nokia E7 certainly is on the wrong end of a generation gap.

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