Nokia Lumia 630 and WP8.1 demoed on video

29 March, 2014 | Comments (72) | Post your comment

The Nokia Lumia 630 leaks continue, this time with video. The video is quite interesting because it gives us yet another look at the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update that will bear the name Cherry Pink Blossom for Nokia phones.

The first video offers a short tour of the Lumia 630 hardware (including of the flash-less back), but focuses mostly on the software. The new Action Center is one of the major new features and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles, a camera shortcut and a brightness toggle.

The second video demos how wallpapers work on WP8.1. Weíve known for a while that they are coming - the tiles become (fittingly) windows with the wallpaper showing through them.

Itís interesting to see it in action though as thereís a parallax effect when scrolling.

Microsoft BUILD starts on April 2 (thatís next Wednesday) when Windows Phone 8.1 will be officially unveiled, most likely along with the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930. The Nokia Lumia 630 will be the first dual-SIM WP phone.





Nokia Lumia 630 and WP8.1 demoed on video - reader comments

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Microsoft has put the windows back in Windows Phone (sort of)!

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I don't engage with trolls. It might be better if you don't interfere in others' business....

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its ossam

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