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> In reply to Aarti @ 2014-05-22 09:13 from fCxq - click to readImportant facts of Lumia 630 and Nokia XL:-
1. Nokia Lumia 630 is a Windows APhone and Nokia XL is Android
(Of course Android has got thousands of apps comparing to Windows. But you will find widows phone also cool. It depends on your view. Even it is Android on XL, they have done some modifications and some Android apps cannot be run on XL such as youtube. But you can route XL and run those apps if you want, which in turn may abolish your warranty.
2. Lumia 630 is thinner and smaller and may be quite handy to handle comparing to XL.
3. Lumia 630 doesn't have a front camera and XL does have one. So if you are interested in video calling, go for XL.
4. XL screen is much bigger and it will give you a better experience when watching videos and playing games.
5. Lumia 630 does not support Java and XL does.
6. Lumia 630 has quad core processor and XL has a dual core
7. Lumia 630 has 512 MB ram and XL has 768 MB ram which obviously won't count for it is android.
8. Lumia 630 doesn't have a LED flash and XL has.

So, both of them have their own qualities. Just like we cannot divide people good or bad we can't exactly tell what is the better one. It is up to you. Just don't think too much. Just buy what you like.

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  • 2014-05-22 11:56
  • Mfxa
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dear all.I'm using galaxy s4 mini dual.but I'm unsatisfied with the performance of Android over all due to lagging . I want to try lumia 630 due to being dual sim and smooth interface of you think it's a good deal?waiting for the suggestions.Thanks in advance.

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  • 2014-05-22 11:36
  • 6Qnf
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nokia lumia 630 dual or nokia xl which one is better?

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  • 2014-05-22 09:13
  • fCxq
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> In reply to mann @ 2014-05-22 08:43 from w4i4 - click to readUnfortunately due to technical issues, it have chosen to un-publish WhatsApp Messenger on the Windows Phone platform. they are working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issues and hope to return to the store shortly

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  • 2014-05-22 09:12
  • vQ%n
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good phone

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  • 2014-05-22 09:07
  • s{8n
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can any body tell wht is the problemwith wht app?

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  • 2014-05-22 08:43
  • w4i4
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> In reply to bala @ 2014-05-21 20:24 from ijM1 - click to readi want to buy nokia dual sim 620i am in nairobi

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  • 2014-05-22 08:07
  • NvT9
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there are so many guys in this forum who simply for no reason are giving negative comments. some of the very few funny comments are below.

delay of one hour after inserting sim in the 2nd sim card slot.

feels like resistive touch screen phone so that he needs to swipe the screen two three times.

bulls**t ram.

moto g is best.

come on guys act as grown up people just because of your negative comments nobody is going to stop buying this handset.

yes i have bought this handset and there is disappointment of low ram but i know you cannot expect all the features in such a low budget phone.

in uae its aed 599 and it comes now with a limited edition pack of headphone coloud boom so its really worth the price.

added advantage over 520

latest gorilla glass 3.

clear black screen.

bigger and better battery.

1.2 ghz quad core snapdragon 400 processor.

bigger screen.

first ever dual sim windows phone.

disadvantages over 520

no proximity sensor nor ambient light sensor.

so now you guys must be thinking why did i compare this handset with 520 instead of 620, well the reason is simple, this phone is worthy successor of 520 and not 620.

i bought this phone only because of its dual sim capability.

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  • 2014-05-22 08:03
  • pRFg
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some people say, that this is not a good one even not touching it before.
Why do you forget about the advantages:
1. Very thin . Less than 1cm
2. Wide screen
3. Gorilla glass screen
4. Quad core processor
5. Long life battery
And this is not the whole

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  • 2014-05-22 07:32
  • TmMb
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> In reply to syed @ 2014-05-21 16:15 from PSFM - click to readthen why sir you bought??? this

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  • 2014-05-21 20:24
  • ijM1
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630 is very good fone I am using

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  • 2014-05-21 20:12
  • YTFX
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what the hack i cant found watsapp in this phone... i have to download through link.... and it is costing me too.... moto e is far better... and the ram is bullshit yaar.... touch is like resistive we have to swipe 3 to 4 times to view notifications......

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  • 2014-05-21 16:19
  • PSFM
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There is no 3G call function.

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  • 2014-05-21 16:16
  • bJb4
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Hell guys... bouhgt it today and lots of heating issue and hanging... and the dual sim option if i insert the sim 2 in it we have to wait for atleast 1hr.... it a waste of money taking this phone.... never take this phone... moto g is far better compare to this....

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  • 2014-05-21 16:15
  • PSFM
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when whatsapp return in WP

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  • 2014-05-21 15:53
  • Y}{v
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> In reply to nok @ 2014-05-20 05:23 from t1$B - click to readsounds like infrared is a new discovered tech.
Maybe you're tryin' to say was the univesal remote? Am I right?

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  • 2014-05-21 15:49
  • vj1k
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Good fone

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  • 2014-05-21 14:43
  • YTcR
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Dual stand by?

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  • 2014-05-21 11:09
  • YTKx
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Nokia Lumia 630 is the best mobile phone all over world.........\

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  • 2014-05-21 10:26
  • tUdx
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Why most of you guys think in a strange way?
Don't you get it?

This is a budget Windows Phone. WP does no hungry for the ram as much as android. If they have entered the flash, the front camera, headset and the data cable it will cost at least Rs. 5000/- more. If it happens this will no longer be a budget phone, which poor people like you and me can buy.

There are devices with the accessories you ask for for higher prices. Then why don't you spend some more bucks and go for them?

Some people wanted android on Lumia. It is totally ridiculous. It is just like asking for a lion with a trunk. If you want Android you can go for the thousand of ready-made android phones which are currently in market. Asking them to make it android is stupid while there are so may high performing android phones.

This series consists three phone Nokia Lumia 630, 635 and 930, they have made it in three price ranges for you to choose comparing the price and the specifications. Just stop asking stupid questions. Everybody here says the same thing. Please those who doesn't have the hands on experience do not comment on this page for it is so misleading. the people who used Nokia Lumia 630 dual sim know exactly what it is.
Don't try to be paper heros.

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  • 2014-05-21 08:25
  • Mfxa
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