Nokia N73 review: Pole position

Michal Sedlák, 28 August 2006. Read the original review at
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Nokia N73 is good at music

Music player has undergone no modifications. This is no bad news though as we have always considered it very good (see reviews of recent Nokia models). Music files can be visualized en bloc or grouped by artist, genre, by album, or by composer. Volume levels are sufficient; btw, the highest ones are so high that you will hardly ever come to use them. In any case, a pair of good earphones is a must. However, make sure to buy an adapter for a standard 3.5 mm jack, as there is no such on the cable with remote control.

Nokia N73 Nokia N73 Nokia N73 Nokia N73
Player functions • selecting a category • updating music library

The music player works even when minimized. The titles of the tracks running appear on the display. Volume is settable straight from the display. Incoming calls hush music down gradually; once a call is terminated, the track continues from the place it was interrupted. Ringtones can be heard in the earphones.

Nokia N73 Nokia N73 Nokia N73 Nokia N73
A list of all music files on the memory card • playing a selected one • equalizer • player minimized in background

The earphones enclosed in the original package could also serve as a handsfree set. The remote control located on their cable contains a microphone and a clip that helps stick the cable to user's clothes, a volume swinging key, and a button for call acceptance or rejection (a long press on this button activates voice dialing).

Nokia N73 Nokia N73 Nokia N73 Nokia N73
Original earphones with a remote control located on the cable

The radio installed in Nokia N73 is of the Visual series, even though the visual part is usable in very few spots in the world. The FM frequencies can be typed manually, searched according to signal intensity, or gradually tuned by searching the entire frequency range.

RDS is not available in result of which you will need to type the names of your favorite stations (maximum 20) manually. Broadcast is stereophonic, but may convert into monophonic if the signal intensity gets weaker. Bear in mind that the radio application is only functional when the earphones are plugged into the Pop-port, because their cable plays the role of an antenna.

Apart of my own videos Nokia N73 managed also to play converted video files in 3GP and MP4 formats, both in full-screen mode. Use the joystick to search tracks.

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