Nokia N950 images emerge, give us a peek at the QWERTY

23 June, 2011 | Comments (54) | Post your comment

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When Nokia announced the N950 MeeGo dev kit, they did it without any fanfare - without photos even. Now that injustice has been fixed and the aluminum-clad device is available to gawk at in a gallery of leaked official images.

The Nokia N9, the consumer-oriented MeeGo phone, got plenty of attention but all the N950 got was a text file detailing the differences between it and the N9. Sill, we know many MeeGo enthusiasts will prefer to get their hands on the developer-exclusive N950 than the touchscreen-only N9.

Nokia N950 official images

The images don't seem to be finalized (one of them actually has a label saying "This will be replaced with flash thingy") and we only get a glimpse of the QWERTY keyboard.

Also there are no photos of the back of the Nokia N950. We were hearing some rumors that the N950 actually packs a 12MP camera (plus there's this image from the leaked promo video from a while back) but we didnít get anything solid to confirm this - so we were hoping a view of the back will finally settle this dispute.

Well, here are the rest of the Nokia N950 images for you to gorge your eyes on.

More Nokia N950 pics





Nokia N950 images emerge, give us a peek at the QWERTY - reader comments

  • kaka

Add a dedicated camera button, and increase the battery capacity at least 1800mA, then this could be the best cellphone ever

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  • 2011-07-13 01:41
  • Kg%q
  • eezzy

love fones with QWERTY combined with touch screen. Nokia take ur time and bring out a good fone. Am really looking up to the N950. I'd like to see this specification on my N950 memory: 60Gb memory card slot: up to 32GB (micro sd) good gaming fu...

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  • 2011-06-27 11:17
  • ftVi
  • Prats

Is this just for developers? I own a N900 and its simply awesome!

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  • 2011-06-27 08:01
  • utqF