Nokia N95 camera review: High five

David Polesný, 19 April 2007. Read the original review at
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More sample pictures with comments

Foto_01.jpg Foto_02.jpg 
m_Foto_01.jpg m_Foto_02.jpg 
Nokia N95 in full glamour - it captures images of quality so high that they seem as if taken with a common digital camera

Foto_03.jpg Foto_04.jpg Foto_05.jpg 
The same green in three photos - Nokia N95 meets certain difficulties in balancing colors

Foto_06.jpg Foto_07.jpg Foto_11.jpg
m_Foto_06.jpg m_Foto_07.jpg m_Foto_11.jpg
Macro is one of Nokia N95's strengths

Backlit photos are good - the sun is reasonably suppressed and, at the same time, visualization in darker areas remains pretty clear

Foto_09.jpg Foto_10.jpg 
m_Foto_09.jpg m_Foto_10.jpg
Indoors under artificial light - here Nokia managed the white balance very well, even though the above images were taken in automatic mode

Pictures taken in the dark - there is far less noise than we have expected. Instead, the phone extended exposure time, so firm hand was needed to manage the shot. Anyway, the tram was too fast.

Foto_27.jpg Foto_28.jpg Foto_29.jpg
m_Foto_27.jpg m_Foto_28.jpg m_Foto_29.jpg
Scarcely illuminated night street in automatic mode • in night mode • in a minimum resolution mode for noise reduction (it would have been helpful if a longer exposure time was possible to set up; not available, unfortunately) 

LED flash in action

More sample photos

Nokia N95 on the left • Sony DSC-H1 on the right

09_Nokia.jpg m_09_Nokia.jpg 09_Sony.JPG m_09_Sony.jpg

10_Nokia.jpg m_10_Nokia.jpg 10_Sony.JPG m_10_Sony.jpg

11_Nokia.jpg m_11_Nokia.jpg 11_Sony.JPG m_11_Sony.jpg

12_Nokia.jpg m_12_Nokia.jpg 12_Sony.JPG m_12_Sony.jpg

01_Nokia.jpg m_01_Nokia.jpg 01_Sony.JPG m_01_Sony.jpg

06_Nokia.jpg m_06_Nokia.jpg 06_Sony.JPG m_06_Sony.jpg

07_Nokia.jpg m_07_Nokia.jpg 07_Sony.JPG m_07_Sony.jpg

08_Nokia.jpg m_08_Nokia.jpg 08_Sony.JPG m_08_Sony.jpg

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