Nokia PureView 808 enters FCC, gives US tiny hope

Back in March we learned Nokia PureView 808 won’t be coming to North America – understandable, given Nokia’s decision to pull off Symbian smartphones from this market.

Since the N9 skipped the NA market, we had no reason to expect the Finns to have a sudden change of heart for the 808 PureView. Not to mention that the US is a key Lumia market, so Nokia prefers to focus all its attention that way.

And then suddenly the Nokia PureView 808 lands at the FCC and secures permission to enter the US market. So however tiny it is, there is a chance it enters the North American (or at least the US) market after all.

Nokia PureView 808 torn apart FCC

At the very least the photos that accompanied the FCC report let us take a peak inside the mighty cameraphone and see what its internals look like.

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Nokia PureView 808 enters FCC, gives US tiny hope - reader comments

  • karan

Every phone model have no. Lolz. Nokia just keep the no. But other OEMs put the name. But still they have to put the model no. E.g- SE Live with Walkman. Model no-WTi9i. Lol. U think first, before posting crap.

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  • 2012-05-09 05:24
  • uv7v
  • goodone

"#And about Camera MP you keep mentioning it I was just saying if have 8MP camera which its equal "3264x2448 pixels" so 16MP has to be 8MP X 2 which equals "(3264x2448) X 2 = 6528x4896" because 16 is double the number 8. ...

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  • 2012-05-08 20:24
  • xTJH
  • walter

I love symbian, and new upcoming symbian carla. It is the best OS in the world. hope nokia keep updating it

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  • 2012-05-08 18:05
  • LELw