Nokia to announce new stuff tomorrow, could it be the N8?

12 April, 2010 | Comments (140) | Post your comment

Nokia are about to announce a new handset tomorrow and the mobile world is already trembling with excitement. The Finnish company has had a really quiet start of the year, announcing only a couple of lower mid-range handsets since January but things are hopefully about to change.

Some rumors suggest that the new device will be the Nokia N8, the first smartphone to pack the new Symbian^3 OS. The multimedia powerhouse was caught in the wild a few of weeks ago and it's first official public appearance should be just around the corner.

The "Connect" word in the teaser motto however sound more like another Nokia device will see daylight tomorrow. It's hardly as exciting, being merely a poor man's Nokia N97. If you've been keeping track you would know that it's the Nokia C6 full QWERTY-packing side-slider we are talking about.

Nokia C6 hasn't made a live public appearance yet, but the leaked official shot suggests that its announcement is near too.

Now the best possible scenario would be Nokia to announce both. We even hope they throw in something extra too (getting greedy, aren't we?). Stay tuned for tomorrow's anouncement to find out.

Update: We just unearthed this image that was hidden in the countdown page HTML code. It suggests we're looking at a Nokia Messaging device, probably one with a QWERTY keypad (C6, anyone).

But there's more. Notice how they say "devices". Oh, and it's definitely "smartphones" only that are going to be announced tomorrow.





Nokia to announce new stuff tomorrow, could it be the N8? - reader comments

  • Jade

when is the symbian belle coming out, dates please ?

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  • 2011-11-03 15:10
  • 3xKq
  • asnaeb

bada is bada ss in front of symbian

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  • 2010-04-16 11:20
  • TS{U
  • gagan

symbian is nothing in front of bada os

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  • 2010-04-14 12:17
  • utpP