Nokia to continue support for Symbian at least till 2016

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Ever since Nokia announced that they will be shifting from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 as their primary smartphone platform, there has been unrest among the Symbian community regarding the future of their favorite platform. So in order to put these fears to rest once and for all, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop addressed the issue in an interview with Nokia Conversations blog.

In the interview, Elop categorically stated that investment in Symbian will continue even as they transition to Windows Phone 7 as their primary smartphone platform and that software updates to Symbian devices will continue at least till the year 2016.

What this means is that if you were thinking of picking up that N8 but you were unsure how long will the device be supported by the manufacturer, you now have the answer. 2016 is a good five years away from now and you will most likely change your device before Nokia drops support for Symbian, if they do at all.

In the video below, Stephen Elop addresses the aforementioned issue, along with the change in the direction of the company, about China becoming the hub of Nokia's innovation, the kind of people that Nokia is looking to hire and which phone does he personally use.





Nokia to continue support for Symbian at least till 2016 - reader comments

  • Samarth N8 808 user

Forget 2016, this bast*rd Elop has killed Symbian now itself. All online support has ended. Your set is as good as a brick, because they're slowing its speed too.

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  • 2014-10-13 18:33
  • t}ra
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  • 2012-08-02 14:54
  • R1dH
  • dendron

I'm planning ot get a Nokia N8 this summer. Nokia recently annouced that they're going to support symbian up to 2016 only.... what will happen after that? will they switch symbian users to another OS using an update or anything else?

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  • 2012-02-29 01:34
  • ut0D