Nokia wins a patent suit against HTC in Germany

20 March, 2013 | Comments (106) | Post your comment

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Nokia is currently suing HTC in Germany on 22 cases, but one of them is finally coming to an end. The court has ruled that HTC used a battery-saving patent, owned by Nokia, in three of its smartphones.

The patent is about some battery-saving procedures while a device is connected to a network. It was infringed by three HTC phones, but all of them are already discontinued in Germany so the ruling won't affect HTC sales in the country.

Nokia expressed its satisfactions via an email statement:

"Nokia is pleased with this decision, which confirms the quality of Nokia's patent portfolio."

HTC is preparing to appeal the decision while continuing its efforts for invalidation of the patent in German and English courts.





Nokia wins a patent suit against HTC in Germany - reader comments

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