Nokia’s first MeeGo device, N9, dropped before it's even official?

10 February, 2011 | Comments (190) | Post your comment

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The rumored Nokia N9 may never get to see public light, says Reuters based on industry sources. Nokia refuses to comment the matter so this still isn't official. The Finns are all over the headlines these days, promising 'bold and brave' changes in the company. Perhaps their first MeeGo device is not part of the plan.

We are yet to see what Nokia plans to do, and perhaps, unveil. They've prepared an event this Friday in London, after which we'll follow their official press event at the MWC 2011 in Barcelona, come Sunday. So it looks like we'll hear all the details from them very soon.

The Friday event should present Nokia's new market strategy, so we don't expect them to announce or display new hardware though Reuters suggest they might as well show an unfinished new MeeGo product, but it may not be a phone.

We are hearing increasing rumors of an upcoming tablet. It's supposedly called N9-01, codenamed "Lankku" (board in Finnish). The long awaited N9-00 is probably dumped after all.





Nokia’s first MeeGo device, N9, dropped before it's even official? - reader comments

  • my name

or maybe just put wp7 ui on symbian.. seriously they have to try to change symbian ui radically before they give up on it. and never ever screw up again with resistive screen, thick body, and fixedfocus camera.

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  • 2011-02-16 14:19
  • U}}x
  • Ludwik

Why not a triple sim. And triple boot device. Symbian/wp7/android.

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  • 2011-02-12 07:46
  • JC6P
  • Huummm

Symbian as an Android app??? Sure (*sense the sarcasm*)that makes perfect sense!... Seriously though, a Nokia with this (urgh)WP7 that would be sold with Symbian dual boot wouldn't be so bad. I could use my multi-tasking king Symbian while others...

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  • 2011-02-12 05:51
  • q}q$