Over 43 percent of the Android devices out there run Froyo now

2 December, 2010 | Comments (55) | Post your comment

It's been a month since Google's last report on the Android versions usage and here comes the next one. It is based on data collected during the two weeks ending on 1 December and reveals that the Froyo finally managed to take the lead.

According to the information published by Google, 43.4 percent of the Android devices out there are powered by Froyo and two out of every five (39.6 percent) rely on the Android 2.1 a.k.a. Eclair.


The Android 1.6 (Donut) share stands at 10.6 percent while the Android 1.5 (Cupcake) runs on only 6.3 percent of the Android-driven smartphones and tablets. The rest 0.1 percent of the devices are based on obsolete versions.

By the way, the last month's share growth of Froyo was some 2.9 percent while now it reaches 7.2 percent, jumping from 36.2 to 43.4 percent. As for the Eclair, it lost on popularity (1.2 percent).


The number of Donut and Cupcake serving handheld devices continues to shrink so that today only 17 percent of the Android smartphones and tablets are running an Android version lower than 2.1.

So, the invasion of Froyo and Eclair is unstoppable. It took those two only a month to add another 6 percent to their common share, jumping from 77 to 83 percent. And if this trend continues, they could easily make it to over 90 percent before this year's end.





Over 43 percent of the Android devices out there run Froyo now - reader comments

  • Mihir

Hi, Can you please tell me how can i update Froyo on my Samsung Galaxy S...i am based out of India

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  • 2010-12-09 07:29
  • P$0e
  • Expert

PDF!!!!!? Hi man wake up! Have you ever used any smartphone with PDF reader? PDF reader is very powerfull sofrware/apps which requires power full CPU also. Yah, definitely now a days many cheap smartphone has PDF reader/viewer but that very sl...

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  • 2010-12-05 20:34
  • uNVD
  • Oddity

Galaxy S Epic just got the Official Froyo 2.2

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  • 2010-12-05 07:03
  • 4cSy