About half of 2nd-gen WP7 phones are Nokias, but HTC leads overall

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When Microsoft released their quarterly financial results, there wasn’t a peep about Windows Phone. So, we have to look to third-party statistics, like the one from OccassionalGamer, whose games have been installed over a million times on various WP phones out there.

Their statistics show over half of the Windows Phone handsets out there bear an HTC logo with Samsung coming in after them with about a third of the handsets. LG holds third place (but they have no second-gen WP7 phones). Nokia is currently a distant fourth.

Looking at just the second-generation devices (the ones that came after Mango was released), Nokia (who missed the first round of WP phones) takes the top spot with a 45% share. The majority of that is made up of Lumia 800s with the occasional Lumia 710 (they are about six 800s for every 710).

HTC is a close second with 40% share, with the HTC Radar doing pretty well for itself. It's ahead of the Lumia 710 but trails the 800. Samsung is third when it comes to second generation WP7 phones, with the Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash in the US) leading the pack and the AT&T-exclusive Focus S dragging behind by a wide margin.

It's worth noting that the original HTC HD7 is the most popular Windows Phone device in OccasionalGamer's statistics, followed by the original Samsung Focus (for AT&T). HTC does have more WP7 models out there than any other maker right now, which helps secure their first place overall.

Nokia's Windows Phone offerings are still relatively new to the market and the Finns must be pleased with such numbers. They also have the Lumia 900 but we'll have to wait and see how it fares against the HTC Titan II, a spiritual successor of the HD7. Both phones are expected to launch on AT&T soon and there's a lot at stake there, especially for Nokia, who are yet to reinstate themselves on the US market.

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About half of 2nd-gen WP7 phones are Nokias, but HTC leads overall - reader comments

  • nana11

I wouldn't agree with you I changed from android to wp7 because I wanted something new.. Its a matter of choice and nothing else ..

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  • 2012-01-27 10:34
  • fsWr
  • nana11

How do you go around the Bluetooth file transfers . Without Zune bought an HTC HD surround and I can't transfers files to it via Bluetooth..

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  • 2012-01-27 10:32
  • fsWr
  • Anonymous

Are you mad??? its the other way round check reviews and comparisons between the three OS iOS is for pure professionals who dont want to bother about the phone or anythings else android is an all-rounder meant for both professionals and geek...

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  • 2012-01-26 13:29
  • t}BQ