Survey on mobile phone usage

We at GSMArena are working on an article about the way people use their mobile phones nowadays. That's why we need your help with this survey. We kindly ask you to participate Ė all poll questions are listed on this page and it should take you only a couple of minutes to fill them out. Here is a short explanation of the available options.

  • Daily is for every feature you use more than once a week, preferably every day.
  • Weekly is for features you use a few times a month.
  • Rarely should be your answer for stuff that you only use a few times a year or stuff you use in a seasonal manner.
  • Never goes beyond the obvious and is suitable even for features you have tried once or twice, but you didnít like how it went and you donít plan on using it again.
  • Would if I could is for those tasks that you would really like to perform with your phone, but you are unable to do so at this stage for whatever the reason - your phone doesn't support them, they are prohibitively expensive in your country or you simply think cell phones aren't comfortable enough for those yet.

What weíre looking for is your honest input on how often you use the features listed below. Thank you.

This poll is no longer active.

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How often do you use these on your mobile phone...

Activity Daily Weekly Rarely Never Would if I could
Call and text message
Make calls
Make video calls
Send SMS
Send MMS
Send/receive email
Chat on an IM network (Skype, MSN, GTalk, etc.)
Engage in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Share photos and videos online
Take photos
Shoot videos
Use special shooting modes (Panorama, Time-lapse, etc.)
Listen to music
Listen to radio
Listen to audio books
Listen to podcasts
Use music recognition services
Activity Daily Weekly Rarely Never Would if I could
Watch movies
Watch online videos (YouTube, etc.)
Stream content over DLNA or TV-out
Enjoy mobile games
Browse the web
Get info updates via RSS (news, sports, weather...)
Look for new apps, browse apps stores
Use as a digital map
Use for GPS navigation
Organize trip itineraries
Discover new places of interest: cafes, attractions, etc.
Augment reality with local info apps
Activity Daily Weekly Rarely Never Would if I could
Personal assistance
Manage your time with calendars, reminders
Use as alarm clock
Use language tools (dictionaries, Google translate, etc.)
Use the calculator, unit converter, etc.
Put down notes or tasks (text or voice)
Use as a USB flash drive
Use as a flashlight
Use as a weight-tracker, calorie-counter, exercise logger
View or edit office documents
Magazines and newspapers
Use Wi-Fi
Use mobile internet
Use phone for tethering (mobile hotspot)
Transfer files over Bluetooth
Remote control PC or other device

This poll is no longer active.