Purported images of low-cost iPhone back cover emerge

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Alleged photos of a back cover for an upcoming low-cost iPhone have made the rounds on the web. The images reveal a bright-green back shell, which falls in line with previous rumors about a cheaper iPhone, bound to offered in multiple colors.

Update: two more images leaked out, further revealing the purported budget iPhone back cover in two additional colors. They panels look identical to yesterday's leak, which leads us to believe that we might indeed be looking at the real deal.

There are no surprises on the alleged low-cost iPhone's back. The camera unit is accompanied by a single LED flash. A dedicated microphone appears to be tucked in between them. Naturally, an Apple logo and an iPhone sign complete the picture.

The source of the images is a micro-blogger, who's known for his connections with factory workers in China. The back cover on display has been allegedly photographed in a Foxconn facility.

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Purported images of low-cost iPhone back cover emerge - reader comments

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yeah thats y we had lots of news about iphone5's paint peel off right out of box on the first day of launch.

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