Qtek S200 review: A genuine tool box

Jiř Kuruc, 06 June 2006. Read the original review at MobilMania.cz
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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Qtek S200 features the long awaited Wi-Fi. The card supports the standard 802.11b, that is, a maximum speed of 11 Mbit/s. Qtek 9000 (HTC Universal) offers a simple method of converting a "B" card into a "G" card by a single intervention into the correspondent register. The sensitivity of the wireless card is average. The disappointment I experienced with sensitivity levels of the Wi-Fi card in Qtek 9000 made me expect similar difficulties with S200. Fortunately, my fears turned out to be in vain. Microsoft, though, deserves a few serious critics for its complicated setup of DHCP-free network connection, which would make any beginner sweat for a while.

Qtek S200 Qtek S200 Qtek S200
Less user-friendly Wi-Fi setup

Bluetooth 1.2 technology is of course available in a high-class communicator like Qtek S200. The technology alone works smoothly: connectivity range is pretty good; communication with accessories is seamless. The only difficulty I ran into had to do with the activation of the wireless synchronization, but its origin was to be sought in the PC I was using, not in the communicator. For example, connection with the wireless earphone or the Bluetooth GPS receiver ran trouble-free. What a pity the Microsoft interface is so austere.

Qtek S200 Qtek S200 Qtek S200
Comm Manager interface, Bluetooth rigorous environment

Data transfers, Internet

The main advantage of any communicator lies in its ability to transfer data. Considering the comfortable size of this type of mobile devices, you can virtually enjoy internet access anywhere at any time. In this aspect, the GPRS technology of Class 10 is a doubtless priority. Besides, mobile operators continue to extend the territorial coverage of EDGE technology, which provides for a transfer speed three times higher then the one achieved by GPRS - approximately 120 Kbps. Qtek S200, however, supports neither UMTS, nor HSDPA. If any of you feels nostalgic and prefers to use the CSD dial up, Qtek will serve you good, too. Yet, the device lacks a very usable option, HSCSD /High Speed CSD/.

Qtek S200 Qtek S200 Qtek S200 Qtek S200
Sample of standard internet pages

So here we have data connection. How should we make the most use of it? The built-in email client manages important mail, while the internet browser, which supports all modern standards, provides access to full-function internet service. Considering the size of the display I recommend you to look for optimized pages, even though the browser is designed to manage common websites. There are also several RSS readers available for Windows Mobile.

Qtek S200 Qtek S200 Qtek S200 Qtek S200
Text version of MobilMania, popular ICQ

If you are a instant messaging user, feel free to additionally install ICQ, Jabber, AOL or any other chat program. Besides, Qtek S200 maintains GPRS connection even when switched off enabling this way constant on-line mode, including the possibility of regular email check or continuous availability of news through RSS channels. There are also other clients designed especially for Windows Mobile, which provide access to FTP servers, Terminal Service, etc.

Multimedia, music, and applications

Communicators based on Windows Mobile are not meant to be business only devices for managers or technical workers. They could also be used as ideal multimedia centers. It all depends, however, on available applications. Currently, the biggest existing application portal is offering somewhat less than 30 thousand applications designed to be used with Windows Mobile platform. The picture browser is part of the OS. Nevertheless, you can download another, better one that would feature more functions for free.

The video application is one of those favorite in any communicator. Qtek S200, for example, is able to fit in an entire movie or a series of shorter videos as long as there is enough free memory. There are programs, which can modify a film in DVD format into a format suitable for use in a pocket computer through the press of several buttons. One would then hardly get bored during long trips to school or work. What's more, instead of getting angry while waiting for their dates. men can finally have fun. Besides, new communicators are powerful enough to play music of high quality. The only limit still present is the available free memory space.

Qtek S200 features one additional drawback, that is its 2.5 mm Jack, which requires the usage of an adapter if earphones different from the original ones are to be attached to the device. The sound quality is sufficient, making listening to music a rather pleasant experience.

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