Qualcomm to release a smartwatch chipset this year

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Qualcomm has already launched its first smartwatch - the Toq. It is available on Amazon in black and white flavors and costs $250. Samsung is already offering its second generation of Gear wearables, LG and Motorola are warming up the market too with Android Wear-powered gadgets. However, all of those smartwatches run on trimmed down versions of chipsets designed for much larger devices - smartphones and phablets.

Then only proper system-on-chip solution designed for wearables from the big players is courtesy of MediaTek and is called Aster. Obviously there is a huge gap to be exploited in the market and Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Taiwan president Eddie Chang claims the company is readying a SoC of its own. He says Qualcomm already has all it needs for the new SoC and will be ready to mass produce it soon.

There are no official partners announced just yet, nor are there any specs shared. But Eddie Chang promises we'll be seeing Qualcomm's chips in wearable devices later this year. We'll keep you informed once Qualcomm details its new chipset for wearables.

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Qualcomm to release a smartwatch chipset this year - reader comments

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nice one.. :v

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  • 2014-05-22 01:05
  • X}em
  • Anonym

It won't work. 1) You can fit enough RAM and Storage in something of that size (it's a watch, not a phone). 2) With a screen of this size you will be hard pressed to open an app (live tiles wouldn't even work due to the resolution). 3)...

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  • 2014-05-21 22:28
  • g51}
  • A.M.H

Maybe he wants to run full windows on the smartwatch :-)

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  • 2014-05-21 17:44
  • mgRL