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Sony Ericsson W880 review: No catch, plain thin

06 February 2007 | Read the review | Post your comment
Sony Ericsson W880 review: No catch, plain thin - read the full textSony Ericsson W880 is the newest addition to the Sony Ericsson Walkman line. Nothing uncommon here, we’ve seen lots of those. The most unusual thing about it though is its form factor – an ultra slim bar-shaped handset with plenty of cool features to offer. Take 3G network support, add a 2 megapixel camera, spice it up with a M2 memory card slot and Bluetooth and finally put it all in the slimmest shell possible and you will get a great result – the Sony Ericsson W880.


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I work at P4U, and i can honestly say this is THE WORST SE i have ever used. Really bad. No Zoom, no radio.

No good.

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  • 2007-02-24 23:01
  • pY{q

i had play with one of these and my gosh are they small. it's a really nice looking handset alot of advantages with the size. i think that it shouls have a fm radio due to the nature of the phone but without it it is almost as good can't wait to get one. main disadvantage is the keys are a little fiddly but other then that same software component of all other SE very user friendly and very cute. and PS they have a non 3G style W850 i can't remember what the model is but if you open your eyes and have a look there are alot of new models coming out that are not 3G compliant.

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  • 2007-02-23 23:28
  • PWHd

all the newer range of walkman phones have lost the zoom function at 2 megapixel. w800 and w810 did this, some of the new ones you have to drop down to VVGA to get zoom to work. this annoys me

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  • 2007-02-23 23:21
  • SgvY

I have read elsewhere this will be released with fm radio and bluetooth streaming capabilities. It's a selling point in adverts I have seen to pre-order the phone.

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  • 2007-02-23 12:07
  • i5BK

no fm, no autofocus, no edge...wth SE is thinking? I was looking for an A2DP phone but W610i looks better.. :S

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  • 2007-02-15 12:28
  • PgWC

Walkman without FM Radio???
SE made a joke of the year...

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  • 2007-02-14 06:51
  • wrdd

ok, this is a 3G tel. When, if ever, can we expect the same kind of tel without 3G? (like W850 vs. W830)

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  • 2007-02-13 11:44
  • nxwd

I like it.

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  • 2007-02-11 22:47
  • S75b

Dude... no need to feel hurt. I don't dislike the phone thats why i was researching it in the first place cos wanna get phone for my sis. Its the review on this site which mentioned the flight mode while the review from the link i pasted said its Ui was awkward to use... remember this was 4 the W950i. Same way people say the moto ui is awkward. I'll just wait for the rizr z6 with linux OS. Also, no offence, I always used SE but the Maxx beats all of them hands down.

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  • 2007-02-10 23:15
  • Mk2c

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! bare m8 this fone is da bare bomb i is bare gonna get this bad boy when its bare braaaaaaaaappppp its got a bare 2 meg cam, and WALKMAN music (bare) player this will kill off odder fones out there braaaaapppp this is sikkk-as m8s...i reckon i b boutz errr errmm £200.00 int it ppl...reply back to richayyyyyy!!

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  • 2007-02-10 21:19
  • nHUT

Dude... no need to feel hurt. I don't have anything against the phone... I never said the Ui was dodgy... its the review done on this site which mentioned the flight mode while the review from the link i pasted said its Ui was awkward to use. Seems like u are just upset to hear the truth. I think the Razr is better really... just happy i made the right choice thats all... get mad at the reviewers not me. Lookd up the phone cos was considering gettin 4 sis but will wait 4 Rizr Z6 cos its a moto and better.

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  • 2007-02-10 21:17
  • Mk2Y

Don't diss the interface if you haven't tried it yourself. G is clearly suffering from buyer's remorse: he is compelled to bash another phone to ease his inner doubt over getting his RAZR maxx.

Mate, just be happy with your phone. The RAZR maxx and the W880i aren't even in the same price point.

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  • 2007-02-10 04:18
  • wYG6

Razr Maxx is actually better than this phone IMO... you cant view Sim and phone contacts on this phone... on the Maxx u can view both or either one by selcting "Filter By" when in the phonebook. Pus you can hide number on the Maxx so that even when filtered to view all... u can still hide the ones your spouse does not want u to have... hehehe

On the Maxx u can programme the phone to either start up in flight/aeroplane mode when switched on... or you can switch to flight mode without having to turn phone of first.

The User Interface and functions look extremely similar to that of the Razr Maxx... phonebook similar also holding 1000 entries each with about 5 numbers + email, URl, Birthday and Notes... this phone has no lock application like the Maxx so u can lock individual stuff like messages or set your phonebook to "View Only" so that only u can edit your entries and no jealous spouse deleting stuff they dont want u to have.

2MP camera like the Maxx, Maxx can view in landscape too, browser is just like the one on the Maxx with all that autofit, zoom etc... but the Maxx is HSDPA(3.5G).

Music wise this might be better than the Maxx but i don't know cos have not compared them... Maxx music is really good too. just saw the review of music phones with the Razr Maxx and SE W950i getting 4 stars even though the SE is positioned and marketed a music phone and the Razr AMaxx is not (SE supposedly had a difficult to use UI and kinda awkward) 5300 won with 5 stars and LG U400 last with 3 stars... here's the link:

All in all... IMO the Maxx is a better phone... u gotta luv that guy's... so happy i got it.

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  • 2007-02-09 16:42
  • MxC$

Urgent---I need to know whether the W-880 has a "privacy lock" feature that does not allow open access for anyone to read messages etc without inputting the correct password. I know that many Samsung phones have this feature, and the SE-990i has this feature too but most SE phones don't.

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  • 2007-02-09 07:22
  • wucm

urgent---does the w-880 have a privacy lock (like some samsung phones, and se-990i) that provide the user with an optional password functionality to protect messages etc? i know that the k800 and k790 dont't have this feature...

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  • 2007-02-09 07:16
  • wucm

got the S.E. W850i last year like the thin design of the W880 but why cant SE ungrade the camera higher than 2.0 megapixel i think i'll get the S.E. K810 instead

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  • 2007-02-09 04:19
  • kN$R

Answer to somebodys question. (What is so fancy about this design ? )

Use your own head. If it is said that the phone is "design series" it don't need to mean, it is. I do not like this phone, neither design neither funktions...

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  • 2007-02-08 16:42
  • MDku

I feel weird, why the GSMArena reviewers said KRZR is long when it's actually the same with this W880 ; 103mm?

N what so fresh about this design anyway? Can someone plz tell me? The outdated thin-ness trend? Or the weird looking keypad?
Bias, bias.

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  • 2007-02-08 13:25
  • PSPa

looks reali nice, but hard as i feel i would be downgrading as i have the k800i. i want another 3.2 mp phone!!!

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  • 2007-02-08 12:34
  • mFxD

M@T2, if you read the review you will see the battery life and the music playback time

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  • 2007-02-08 12:18
  • MJTC

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