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Nokia N81 preview: Hands on N-Gage

19 October 2007 | Read the review | Post your comment
Nokia N81 preview: Hands on N-Gage - read the full textThe Nokia N81 is an exciting Symbian smartphone that comes loaded with multimedia capabilities and promises tons of fun. Flaunting 8 gig worth of storage, the Nokia N81 8GB comes in the slider form factor and features a nice 2.4" 16M color TFT display, 3G...


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How is the N-Gage set

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  • 2013-06-23 10:50
  • ftV7

i feel the phone so much. Nokia n81 is one of the best among nokia nseries

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  • 2012-04-22 21:21
  • N7AQ

N81 is one of the faboulus cell among the N series.It possess very high quality speaker with a very fine sound but has relatively low quality camera with just 2MP otherwise it is fine.

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  • 2009-08-03 05:28
  • u7pA

I just got the phone yesterday, and i really like it. The camera isn't bad - there isn't a lot of difference between 2 and 3.2 megapixel camera's, the most important thing is the lens. Speakers and sound quality are amazing, i like the design, and overall i like the phone alot! Except for the video playback, i tried 2 put a couple of mp4 videos on it, and had 2 try for 2 hours 2 make them right, then found out that it only supports some tipes of mp4... I just converted the videos to 3gp format. Then they worked!

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  • 2009-06-20 09:28
  • 0vGE

nice cell

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  • 2009-05-30 18:32
  • 2Tdx

The cell n73 is better than N81 8GB becz u should give the camera 3.15mp other the cell is ok

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  • 2009-03-15 11:55
  • upen

i think the n96 is much more interresting

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  • 2008-12-21 00:30
  • 0BA$

As per me the phone is good! The design is fabulous. I really don know why the camera is just 2MP but its OK. Sound is really good. However i had a bitter experience with the phone. My phone starts working on its own. The music starts playing on its own, key pad had gone etc. I gave the phone to Nokia. They rectified the problem but it again comes. I gave the phone second time to Nokia, now its working fine for the last 10 days. Let hope it continues the same way...:-)

Can any one please help how to configure the mails in it??? I tried it but some how it dosn't work....

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  • 2008-10-20 15:08
  • vG2L

Pls guys help me out in choosing d best among Nokia N81 8gb and Nokia 6210 ....................

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  • 2008-08-22 07:25
  • utcy

I am confused between buying Nokia E51 or Nokia N81. Any experts can suggest me?

I need e-mail functionality and good WiFi as well as good audio quality. I found Nokia E51 is not as good as in sound quality.

Can someone suggest me shall I buy Nokia E51 or N81??????????

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  • 2008-08-15 10:16
  • iRVP

the phone is excellent as usually Nokia Does , but for the price and fetaures also the expectations it give , is all just damn out with 2mpx cam .

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  • 2008-06-20 13:20
  • w9JS

mediocre camera
i bought this phone 2 days ago, is very nice and works more than excellent but camera really sux ... my other phone, nokia 6290 makes better picture than n81

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  • 2008-02-16 17:28
  • 3c9c

i own this phone previous week...and iam 95 % satisfied. 5% lack bcaz of the charge.(but its ok adjustable ) wifi is excellent.i tried for the email config.but was a fail. does anybody know abt it?please let me know

guyz if anyone need a cute sexy stuff with excellent sound qualiy..just have it.

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  • 2008-02-10 10:44
  • pRCy

dude this phone sucks i mean what do you need games on a phone u can play good games on your console or pc with good quality video not on a phone with crap quality and the camera is 2 mpx realy sucks
buy nokia 5610 is the best on music

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  • 2008-01-11 16:23
  • pkik

to Roamer

wifi on the phone is good, sometimes it could be "slow" because of the connection of the wifi spots, not of the phone, 2mp on a phone is good, megapixels do not determine the quality of a picture, the lens do.

Had this phone for a few days, pretty good. Battery life does not last very long though, listened to music through headphones for about an hour and it goes to about 20% left. but other then that its a really nice phone ;]

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  • 2008-01-08 05:54
  • 4Ly%

Since this is a gaming and music handphone, i love the music quality and all that.

But for the games, i can't find any, except the few demos.
Does anyone knows what model's game it is compatible with? All s60 v3 games?

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  • 2008-01-02 12:16
  • F4pr

guys this is a gaming and multimedia phone, not a camera phone. having 2 megapixels camera is not that bad. just get urself a digital camera then if you really want to take superb pictures ^_^ a lot of choices out there!

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  • 2007-11-28 11:39
  • PSPa

Why is Nokia going backwards with some of there phones esp N81 2mp camera is poor should have kept N73, but saying that it does have the Wi Fi, which I just tested at good but slow at some Wi Fi free hot spots, it feels like made from cheap plastic, also it comes with too much c*&p with the 2gig card I don't want pictures of strangers on my phone....delete......delete.....delete!!!!!! Look I'm not being too negitive here, it's only I just thought it would be a little better...but?? it is a nice phone speaker is clear, and I like the idea of the 3.5mm phone jack (should be on all multimedia phones)

As I have had the phone only 2 days still learning.

thank god Nokia didn't change the charge plug again which I can charge my 6300 back up phone.....Oh Yes I do have a back up!!! you just never know whe..!!!

In writing this comment my "D" control does not seem to do what it is supposed to like on the video?? NOKIA!!! WTF!!! Nokia if you are reading this please advise!!

Do I like the phone "YES"

Do I like what just happened "NO"

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  • 2007-11-20 04:59
  • wfxa

those games that the n81 is playing space impact and fifa 2007 can be played on any n series v3 series 60, like the n73, n93 which i have iv got all the games free!!! amatures!

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  • 2007-10-29 01:13
  • mpCn

i was w8ing for its full review
when wud ya gona give n 81 full review

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  • 2007-10-28 13:06
  • waUq

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