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LG KF750 Secret review: No secret, all guts

LG KF750 Secret review: No secret, all guts - read the full textOne thing we know about the LG KF750 Secret is that it's hard to resist. Keeping it hush is not an option. The handset seems to have it all - turn-head exterior, top-notch skill and a few exotic extras to spice things up. Looks have long been the defining feature of the Black Label series by LG. Now, the Secret brings some muscle to tip the form vs. content scale the other way...


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will lg k750 work in mauritius???and its price please??

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  • 2012-08-16 17:04
  • fqx5

Wil this phone work in Hong Kong, Bali, Sinapore

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  • 2011-01-09 10:10
  • nFPK

> In reply to Dave @ 2008-10-23 21:52 from nFp2 - click to readthnxs bud im a txting machine and after 2 day my txt was full , thnxs for the help

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  • 2010-09-06 09:06
  • nFpG

my smart phone was stolen .is there any tracker in this ph .if there is plz tell me.

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  • 2010-04-07 19:37
  • uWxq

Hey does anyone know how to lock this phone?.....I mean the keys are just touching all over the place whenever i have it in my pocket or bag and even in my hand too.....this is sick

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  • 2010-03-04 13:51
  • Td2y


I bought a LG KF750 but i have a problem. when an incoming call is coming up on my phone it doesn't come up with the number even if its in my contacts it comes up 'Not Available'. How can i switch it so the number calling comes up on the screen?


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  • 2010-01-28 11:58
  • vuCY

> In reply to Dave @ 2008-10-23 21:52 from nFp2 - click to readthanks delete all sms. been doing my head in for ages. so easy when you know how. cheers!

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  • 2009-12-29 18:35
  • 0rd6

i have purchase this model it has been very good hanset

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  • 2009-09-06 09:17
  • wiT6

Does anyone know how to setup a gmail account on this phone?

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  • 2009-07-02 05:19
  • PAaU

> In reply to Zro @ 2009-04-30 16:28 from R1c6 - click to readWow that's really.. unlucky =/ so what's LG gonna do about it or is it "your fault"?

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  • 2009-05-23 07:11
  • iib7

Does the Secret have a "lock" function so that front buttons and the navigation touch pad are disabled until there is an incoming call or you slide the phone open to unlock?

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  • 2009-05-19 01:10
  • IxqP

i just want 2 knw wich one more batter phone...LG KF750 OR LG KF755?and why???plz guyz help me becuze i wanna buy one of these phone....?

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  • 2009-05-10 09:42
  • mJe{

This is a nice phone...If you're not the type of person that accidentally drops your phone occasionally.

The tempered glass may be good for some things, but not for dropping the phone (as I found out). The entire front glass is now shattered.

I've dropped my iPhone and BB Storm many of times, and neither of them have shown more than a scratch or gouge in the casing.

Calling LG about it, they say that "it's not manufactured to take a drop".

So if you never drop your phone, this actually is a quite good phone.

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  • 2009-04-30 16:28
  • R1c6

> In reply to Dave @ 2008-10-23 21:52 from nFp2 - click to readaww wow thanks alot. its been doing my head in not knowing how to delete all txts. thanks xx

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  • 2009-02-28 16:28
  • 0FrF

I have had my LG for just under 4 months and already have had to replace the phone, as it keeps doing the following things.... switching its self off (battery is fully charged) get it to turn back on I am having to take the battery out and put it back in before it will start up again.....the screen keeps freezing .... doesn't ring (full bar).
Don't get me wrong I love this phone, was just wondering if any one else is having these problems ?

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  • 2009-02-26 17:14
  • Mk4i

Anybody know how to customize the shortcut buttons? Is it possible?

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  • 2009-02-25 21:40
  • 4A{1

is this phone slow?

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  • 2009-02-16 15:44
  • q{Vk

Im worried about the smudging of it on the screen and how the touch navigation buttons press easily, is it really that bad?

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  • 2009-01-11 22:44
  • vudW

> In reply to Dave @ 2008-10-23 21:52 from nFp2 - click to readDave you are a star! I knew there was an easier way of deleting texts than going through them all individually!

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  • 2008-12-19 13:48
  • DSN1

wow awesome mobile. i have this, one niggle the tones are as loud as Viewty. other than that best and thinnest 5 meg cam phone. well done LG

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  • 2008-12-14 19:59
  • n1ia

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