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Nokia 6220 classic review: Sharp-witted shooter

18 September 2008 | Read the review | Post your comment
Nokia 6220 classic review: Sharp-witted shooter - read the full textWe can call the Nokia 6220 classic an attempt to regain some 5 megapixel ground. The compact smartphone carries some serious imaging power. Xenon flash, active lens cover, VGA video @ 30 fps and TV-out do sound exciting, don't they? It would've been all too easy...


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Eveen without wifi da nokia 6220 cracks all oder fone makerz......I hava blackberry 9780 nd torch 2 da nokia beets ifone 3gs alzo iss dorm compared2 it

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  • 2012-03-28 19:08
  • HHHH

i have n 6220. but in this time completly damaged keypad not work display work but without light.can i repair this mobile give me sugesstion

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  • 2011-03-27 05:16
  • 2ZYb

I'am used 6220c phone is all ways pls tel wat is the problem

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  • 2011-01-13 09:51
  • teXe

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-06-15 10:11 from u4gD - click to readthrough ur ph in big sea.dats gud idea

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  • 2010-10-06 19:28
  • vG08

hi, im using this ph for last one year nd its functioning nicely. bt now a days it shuts down automatically. i have to remove the battery and turn it on again..can any one help me..whats the problem nd what should i do?

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  • 2010-06-15 10:11
  • u4gD

i m using this phone n all i can say is that its the best phone ever by nokia. smooth fast smart all in one phone.

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  • 2010-05-31 15:41
  • upe1

What do u mean flash under lense cover?

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  • 2010-02-02 09:44
  • N7Dr

My 6220 LCD flicker on and off...does this mean the LCD is going to go down soon??

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  • 2009-12-28 00:40
  • ib40

na watho

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  • 2009-12-18 06:46
  • 2Tvs

Has any one used Barcode reader?
Pl. reply. Thanx advance

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  • 2009-10-15 08:53
  • FYk0

if it's a 150 Eur/$ is a garbain...anyway:

+ audio
+ camera
+ gps
+ fm with rds

- battery
- keyboard
- low quality materials

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  • 2009-08-28 18:02
  • nN7B

by this price 6220 is a excellent!!!

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  • 2009-08-10 22:15
  • 0vT%

wat shud i batery only last for 24 hrs??plz help

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  • 2009-08-07 09:54
  • whBh

when I use x-plore, speed of CPU is 192 Mhz. Speed in GSMarena is 369 Mhz.why ?

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  • 2009-08-05 16:01
  • tRDR

Can i change its Keypad by new one while it damage ? Anyone pls?

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  • 2009-07-20 11:46
  • Pxxc

WIFI?? No need!!!!! If you know how to hack IP adress or configure your internet setting. 3G & HSDPA is enough. It is much faster than WIFI. and also WIFI is not accessible to everywhere so why buy some expensive N Series to have it. Just a waste of money..Ask some IT or Computer Geek out there and they will set up your phone Internet with video streming like youtube. For Nokia 6220 is a killer to all NSeries phone.

About the Keypad and Housing?
Damn it. Personality is more than imporant than looks. LOL :)

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  • 2009-07-16 06:09
  • PApP

out of all errors the phone is mind blowing....
n i like it the most....

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  • 2009-07-04 10:35
  • v{PM

Does this phone supports N-Gage platform games?

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  • 2009-06-20 22:25
  • nXWi

This phone's good points have outweighed the bad for me. I love the picture quality, video capture quality is more than acceptable, runs the latest Symbian OS (no more java phones for me!), works well as an mp3/mp4 player, hotswap MicroSD 8GB card, and a phone as well as GPS all packed in a respectably sized case :D.
The downsides are:
Poor battery life - especially after a few flash photos.
Keypad size issues... have to concentrate just to get the unlock keys right.
Bad camera lens switch, flash issues.
Creaky casing. You've got to be careful when videoing - zooming in and out while filming, if your thumbs touch the side casing it creaks, and the microphone picks it up too well.
I wish they would have made the casing fit -- how hard can it be?

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  • 2009-04-28 19:15
  • 2AYZ

It's an exelint phone. The camera is great and the gps is awsome! Wifi is something that SHOULD have been added. Loving this phone!

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  • 2009-03-15 17:19
  • NaD}

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