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Samsung i8510 INNOV8 review: Roaring V8 engine

09 December 2008 | Read the review | Post your comment
Samsung i8510 INNOV8 review: Roaring V8 engine - read the full textSamsung INNOV8 is back to our shop and quite ready to strut its stuff again. Not so long ago we saw it in heavy duty cameraphone action, it's now time to explore the whole package. And there's...


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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-12-11 05:22 from ibX@ - click to readhaha agree with it!

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  • 2008-12-15 03:18
  • wr9N

by far better than SE c905...those who complaining bout the video quality, plz have a look at those lame phone that record lame loser vdo resolution..okay..grow up

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  • 2008-12-15 03:16
  • wr9N

> In reply to krlosRD @ 2008-12-13 17:57 from jC6X - click to readYea they have done a great job. They are the best mobile phone review site thus far.

But my question is, why is Pixon full review comes out first when the phone is released so much later than Innov8?
Isn't all phone's review step and procedure almost the same?
What about Renoir that have almost the same features as Pixon? Why isn't the review come out by now already?

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  • 2008-12-14 03:31
  • u{EH

can i bang the screen on sufyans ass

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  • 2008-12-13 18:55
  • pTDu


I think that a really complete and excellent review needs some time to be accomplished. That's the only way to do real tests and see how the phone behave. Don't judge GSMARENA, they are doing a great job :)

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  • 2008-12-13 17:57
  • jC6X

> In reply to [deleted post]I think the reason why this review is lack of response because, the review comes too late.
This phone has been released for like two months plus. Most visitor have did their own review on the phone after getting it.
I think they will do a review for LG Renoir too. But maybe two or three months after this? :p
Wonder why they make the review for Pixon first which has just released for like one or two weeks?

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  • 2008-12-13 15:15
  • u{EH

> In reply to nefajciar @ 2008-12-13 12:25 from SXwf - click to readhmm.. i am one of the three weeks owner of this phone.
No "dust under the screen" problem thus far.
However, i care for it very much. I put a screen protective layer on it and cover it with the crystal case cover. Hope it will be with me for two years straight :)

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  • 2008-12-13 15:11
  • u{EH

> In reply to Kal @ 2008-12-13 07:04 from 2SUq - click to readYea.. totally agree with u man. It is a symbian smart phone. For smart people only. :)

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  • 2008-12-13 15:07
  • u{EH

anyone experienced problem with the dust getting under the display after weeks of use?

and it can't be cleared...

rumors says it is going inside via 3,5mm jack but I am not sure, many ppl are returning the phone though, because of this manufacture problem

gsm arena should do some research on it, other than that, best phone, but its built quality lacks polish

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  • 2008-12-13 12:25
  • SXwf

> In reply to sale987 @ 2008-12-12 23:50 from p@$Q - click to readChoose your phone based on your IQ and stop blaming manufacturers. If this is complicated then all symbian smart phones are hard for you. Why some SE fans are posting like "crappy os" and all??? Grow up. There are plenty of non-os feature phone that are easy enough to handle and much much better than those SE phones you have mentioned. SE symbian UI phones will be equally complected to you. Lets not prove your lack of IQ. Peace.

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  • 2008-12-13 07:04
  • 2SUq

doesn't anyone realize the video recorder only records MP4 with AMR-NB quality sound??

sound sucks.

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  • 2008-12-13 04:54
  • wr7f

dunno know, this menu make nervous me. ANd btw this phone is so complicated. Please make it easy, i havent time to learn where is smth on mobile, i have just one life. Please make it like SE do, or dont make u smart :P

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  • 2008-12-12 23:50
  • p@$Q

> In reply to f off @ 2008-12-12 17:33 from q{XC - click to readIt can if u want it to... But its illegal so Samsung lock the function.

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  • 2008-12-12 19:43
  • u{Ea

Does it print money?

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  • 2008-12-12 17:33
  • q{XC

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-12-09 20:46 from QvjS - click to readI find the keypad typing is great!. Its even better than my housemate's C905.

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  • 2008-12-12 17:10
  • u{Ea

> In reply to Andy Burgin @ 2008-12-09 20:49 from 3paG - click to readBattery life is not bad. It can last for 2 and a half or three days for moderate usage. All u need to do is to turn off the WLAN auto scan mode and switch to power safe mode.

You can also assign caller ringtones and msg tones. Because it is a symbian mobile.

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  • 2008-12-12 17:08
  • u{Ea

im a N95 - N96 user and i must say the 8mb doesnt bother me at all however this phone does look great! hopefully faster than n96....

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  • 2008-12-11 18:58
  • SbDP

the best symbian at the moment in the world,shame on nokia!review just perfect,thnx!

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  • 2008-12-11 17:42
  • n{x{

It's huge and expansive. I would rather buy a mini laptop for the same money and size.

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  • 2008-12-11 12:27
  • Ms@%

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