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Nokia 5130 XpressMusic review: Reporting for duty

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic review: Reporting for duty - read the full textAt a certain point everyone finds themselves in the situation where all they need is a no-nonsense phone that looks good and doesn't cost a fortune. The Nokia 5130 is exactly the kind...


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Does this phone support live video streaming? What is the maximum java application size?

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  • 2010-04-19 16:41
  • f39Y

which set is better? nokia 5130 or samsung beat M2710.wich one has beter battery,durability &music quality? please inform me.

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  • 2010-04-15 12:23
  • tU36

Yep, there is flight mode under profiles. It will disable all connections when you activate it... it even displays an airplane icon on your home screen... :-)

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  • 2010-03-20 20:50
  • Lmt$

> In reply to Robuuc @ 2010-01-06 20:42 from 0B0f - click to readhey u r right brother

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  • 2010-02-06 07:54
  • ut$4

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-01-15 03:29 from uBPs - click to readthnx for d info dude ....

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  • 2010-02-03 22:58
  • utgH

HI everyone :)
i bought this fone 2 months ago its still working fine the camera is good but it could hve been better, music volume is quiet loud and quiet clear, ive got a 8gb memory card and it has no problems even though nokia said " max 2gb ", flight mode is under profiles, the video recoreding isnt that great, easy to txt with, browsing the web on this fone isnt fast due to the lack of it beenig 3g, overall a good fone for music lovers and very cheap for a xpress music fone..

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  • 2010-01-15 03:29
  • uBPs

!!! Actually, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic does have a Flight mode, you can`t find it under profiles, but in connections somwhere in setup!!!

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  • 2010-01-06 20:42
  • 0B0f

> In reply to kaushal @ 2009-12-19 11:45 from uwW4 - click to readyou friggin liar

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  • 2009-12-21 21:29
  • jxXT

does the nokia 5130 support video streaming?

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  • 2009-12-21 21:21
  • jxXT

i purchases 5130 and its bettery backup is very bed i complain many times in nokia priority but they were not doing any thing.. i request u guys not buy this set

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  • 2009-12-19 11:45
  • uwW4

> In reply to Arthi @ 2009-10-26 11:58 from PTib - click to readDear Arti,
The better option for u is to get 5130 Xpress Music only. I'm using that model since 4 months. I'm fully satisfied wit that model. In super nova the sound quality 'll not be as good as this. And also the camera is well equiped than the supernova edition.
My Best Wishes wit luv:-)

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  • 2009-12-12 02:33
  • 2Ajr

> In reply to andie @ 2009-11-22 08:08 from IaH9 - click to readU can get the latest software's in some websites like "" or "" or "" , etc.
My best wishes:-)

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  • 2009-12-12 02:24
  • 2Ajr

> In reply to hunain @ 2009-10-11 23:14 from ucFF - click to readThere's no chance of memory decreasing. May be some files would hav been added in ur gallery files. Check in ur gallery files especially in ur recieved files.
If no such thing is found then u hav to go to the option "RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS". But be sure that u hav a back up for all ur data's before the restoration is done.
If it also does'nt go correct wit u, then ur mobile may hav some hidden data's which we cant see. For that we can delete that data's by using some software's like "FILE EXPLORER" which we can find in some websites like "".
My Best Wishes:-)

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  • 2009-12-12 02:17
  • 2Ajr

Can i increase the camara pixel of 5130? Plz any one reply!

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  • 2009-11-26 15:14
  • w4gI

i have purchased this phone last august, as of now, it satisfied me on its audio feature, it has good music and radio quality..yes, the camera quality was mediocre, but w/ 2mp it's already okey, with its cheap price it's okey.. but im curious w/ the new software, how will i download it??

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  • 2009-11-22 08:08
  • IaH9

This review is a little outdated. It's based on an earlier model of the phone with an older version of the firmware. If you've bought the phone in the last couple of months (mine sports the latest firmware right off the shelf-5130d, there are no updates since)now the phone has flightmode, the game Bounce Tales has been removed (or maybe that's not available in the Indian version of the phone)and the organizer now has a field for 'anniversary'. There must be a myriad of other changes that I must not have noticed. Great review though, it's what made me purchase the phone in the first place and I'm happy with the5130.

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  • 2009-11-16 12:34
  • 2Zk%

> In reply to hunain @ 2009-10-11 23:14 from ucFF - click to readActually its internal memory is 30MB.This memory resides in applications and collections.The rest is shown as the memory ramined.Dont worry its not a problem!!

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  • 2009-11-06 11:02
  • w4H4

fm radio sound is not good,its too noisy

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  • 2009-11-01 20:58
  • syma

Am also in a same confusion as u r..
by seeing all these comments am worried wheather to buy this phone or 7210 supernova ?
anyone can u pls help me which is better ? 5130 or 7210 supernova ?

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  • 2009-10-26 11:58
  • PTib

hi... im using dis nokia 5130 mobile 4 which da key pad is too hard does any one help me by saying how can i make it smooth r can i change da key pad 4 dis mbl??????? nokia 5130 xpress music???

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  • 2009-10-21 15:05
  • ii2C

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