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Nokia 5130 XpressMusic review: Reporting for duty

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic review: Reporting for duty - read the full textAt a certain point everyone finds themselves in the situation where all they need is a no-nonsense phone that looks good and doesn't cost a fortune. The Nokia 5130 is exactly the kind...


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Great review! I love it that your team tested the audio output with professional equipment. You guys always do a great job of exploring and enunciating every little detail, pro and con of the phones you review. So I knew just what to expect. Anyway, I Just purchased the phone and I'm very happy with it, but I notice you've mentioned ambient light sensor as one of the key features, needless to say it doesn't have one.

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  • 2009-10-21 10:34
  • 2Zk%

Yes, the AD 54 remote control works with this phone. You can switsh between radio stations, next song - last song, volume up and down

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  • 2009-10-13 12:12
  • MpMq

internal memory problem>>>????

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  • 2009-10-11 23:15
  • ucFF

hey guys plz help me i have got 5130 and its internal memory is 30mb but it is decreasing day by day and in memory status there is no information about the lost memory it is showing 2.5mb free 6 mb used .what about 22.5mb??????? plz anyone can help me????

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  • 2009-10-11 23:14
  • ucFF

> In reply to rd03 @ 2009-08-04 07:34 from wYJy - click to readin south africa, it costs R1300

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  • 2009-10-07 13:02
  • NavD

> In reply to adesh @ 2009-08-13 11:46 from U2hm - click to readahh... china, N5130 uses oper mini

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  • 2009-10-07 13:00
  • NavD

does it support steaming?

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  • 2009-09-02 13:48
  • 9xHa

The camera quality is pathetic.I had a nokia 3110c which had a pretty good quality camera.But the NIPS technology in 5130 is pathetic.Dont even think of taking an indoor picture.There is no Night mode!Then why the hell did they add camera feature if they cant provide night mode.If you need a camera phone ,dont buy this..and dont listen to some reviews saying that phone camera cant take good pics.

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  • 2009-09-02 05:00
  • utV4

> In reply to batangueño @ 2009-08-17 04:25 from RGHe - click to readOn rating of 1-10 for music it definitely scores 10...there aren't too many other phns that can match 5130's audio quality...however you have to buy a good quality headphones as the ones that comes with it sucks.

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  • 2009-08-26 18:57
  • utka

> In reply to borntofight.trainedt @ 2009-08-12 10:01 from PAWf - click to readhi borntofight.trainedt(ofcourse i dont know your name)//regarding w/ 5130 im planning to buy this also from phil// i have choices bet nokia 6303classic and 5130xp//what do you think is better w/ it? is the browsing of this phone fast??good cam and music?? im planning to buy it on sm mega or here in robinson galle... thanks!!!

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  • 2009-08-25 11:56
  • IaHa

> In reply to borntofight.trainedt @ 2009-08-12 10:01 from PAWf - click to readhi, i am also from the philippines. regarding N5130, is that true that the GUI (general user interface) is almost the same as the other S40 phone? No add on or new features? The external appearance of the fon is awesome. is there available casing for this phone if ever you want to change it in the future? that's the common problem of cellphone users here in the philippines.. regarding the auidio quality, is that true the the quality is good? in a 1-10 rating can u rate it as 9?

thank you. i will buy it this coming weekend. :)

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  • 2009-08-17 04:25
  • RGHe

gprs connection not provided to nokia 5130 xpress music

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  • 2009-08-13 11:46
  • U2hm
  • borntofight.trainedt
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just got this phone as my reward for staying connected with Sun Cellular for 2 years. but i had to cash out a minimal amount of money..

the price of the phone itself here in the Philippines is roughly Php 5,500-6,000. not but for the unit itself. looks elegant. i got the red one but the blue one looks better (too bad they dont have stock the time i got mine) the battery can last up to 3-4 days without listening to music and about 2 days when listening. charging takes a long time. i dont know if thats normal. charging the 5130xm takes 4 HOURS!!! (my other SE phones takes only about an hour. contrary to the review on this site, it has a flight mode activation.
this phone is for you if you want to have a normal call/text fone with an added xpress music bonus..

feel free to ask me any questions that you have regarding this fone.

ciao! ^_^

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  • 2009-08-12 10:01
  • PAWf

how much 5130

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  • 2009-08-04 07:34
  • wYJy

the 5130 is good phone , good price , allways music fm stereo

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  • 2009-07-29 05:47
  • PFg8

Does those headphones with remote (like the AD-54 that comes with the 5800) work with this phone? ie the "forward", "reverse" "play/pause" button work?


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  • 2009-07-25 17:02
  • whBU

i wanna buy the Nokia 5130 now, and with all u guys messages i wonder if i must...anybody help me, must i buy it or not

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  • 2009-07-23 15:02
  • NhYt

> In reply to alex @ 2009-06-27 00:06 from 0UsF - click to readits really d best phone in its range

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  • 2009-07-21 19:12
  • 2S%x

hi every body
im just got this phone few days ago.on my opinion all the features which relates to this phone works in a proper way exccept not fully satisfied with the battery performance.already mentioned on this site that with a full charge we manage to use this phone more than 3 days.but with a full charge i can only used this less than 2 days.pls advise me with your useful proposals.

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  • 2009-07-21 18:06
  • 33Vb

I'm pretty happy with mine. Great music player! I'm a bit concerned about battery power though.

From a full charge, I got about 3-4 hrs of music (using a headphone amplifier) at a moderately loud volume, about 1.5 hrs of talk time and maybe 200 incoming and outgoing text messages combined.

It's only the 3rd charge though, but I can't get more than a day and half out of it. How about you guys?

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  • 2009-07-17 05:56
  • whBU

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