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Nokia 5130 XpressMusic review: Reporting for duty

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic review: Reporting for duty - read the full textAt a certain point everyone finds themselves in the situation where all they need is a no-nonsense phone that looks good and doesn't cost a fortune. The Nokia 5130 is exactly the kind...


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Hey its kool sexy to handle

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  • 2009-05-26 21:05
  • ji{R

> In reply to Vinayak @ 2009-05-25 05:39 from 2SNH - click to readReign is right...
I m too happy with this phone

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  • 2009-05-25 11:54
  • ji{R

Hey there, Bought this phone a month ago...its going pretty smoothly...batter life is decent...if u wanna get the best from ur xpressmusic phone...expand the memory to 4gb n get a pair of good creative ep series 3.5mm headphones or an apple headphones...thats it u got a substitute for an me this thing rocks...!!!Love the BOOM effect n clarity in it!!

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  • 2009-05-25 05:39
  • 2SNH

hi, w/c is better, Nokia 5130 or the 7310 supernova?

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  • 2009-05-25 03:03
  • i3g{

hey guys, which one should i get:

- add US$30 could get 3120 (2mp, flash, 3g, cif recording)
- add US$70 could get SE770 (3mp autofocus, flash, 3g)
- or this 5130 for approx US$150

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  • 2009-05-22 05:59
  • PS6i

> In reply to rammi4 @ 2009-05-17 16:31 from 2SN@ - click to readyou probably got the phone after your dealer upgraded the firmware.

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  • 2009-05-19 09:08
  • utk1

The review was excellent. But the flight mode is present in the profiles menu. I realy wonder how your reviewer missed it. To be honest, a very nice phone with an affordable price tag.

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  • 2009-05-17 16:31
  • 2SN@

> In reply to koti @ 2009-05-14 11:46 from 2ZgH - click to readMuch better than 6300's battery

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  • 2009-05-15 17:03
  • utkg

> In reply to Roco @ 2009-05-12 02:53 from vGka - click to readMuch faster than most N-series phns as this is a S40 device.

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  • 2009-05-15 17:03
  • utkg

I compared the audio test readings of this phone with some readings available on internet for latest PC motherboards with HD audio and this beats most them...This phn is amazing. For someone whos been lagging behind most other brands in terms of audio quality, Nokia has come up with a miracle product.

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  • 2009-05-15 17:00
  • utkg

Everything sounds fine....But how does the battery compare to that of 6300?


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  • 2009-05-14 11:46
  • 2ZgH
  • ervionilimasticalois
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this phone is bad it's camera's quality is too rough and it's speaker's quality is like a broken glass and i'am getting bored everytime i use it and it's battery's life is too short even when you are using music player,

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  • 2009-05-14 08:34
  • Rx4Q

the design is good, but this phone have a BAD bass...

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  • 2009-05-13 12:26
  • 2FYI

Guys, hows the speed of the Processor? good enough or does it take much time? Example: time taken to open the folder and files in the Gallery.

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  • 2009-05-12 02:53
  • vGka

> In reply to help!! @ 2009-05-10 16:43 from 2SMj - click to readHey, read the review. It says a 16gb card was handled without any problems. So your 4gb card will work.

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  • 2009-05-11 14:55
  • vG4L

i have been askin this question to all....but no reply :(.... so pls try to answer my query...
will this phone support a 4 gb card??? will the speed and performance decrease because of this? plssss do reply!!
thanks in advance!!

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  • 2009-05-10 16:43
  • 2SMj

this phone rocks...
affordable and cool

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  • 2009-05-10 15:36
  • ut3d

Superb excellent fabulous great wonderful great powerpacked handset Simply superb

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  • 2009-05-10 13:45
  • w43x

> In reply to Shekhar @ 2009-05-10 03:24 from ji{R - click to read//Themes are available in fact there are hundreds of thousands of themes available for free download for the S40 Platform
Read this: S40 themes are the easiest themes to make by yourself just download any theme rename its extension from .nth to .zip decompress it, edit the pictures and screensaver as you wish if you know more you can edit the .xml (Theme configuration file) compress it again rename the extension to .nth and there you go, your theme is ready to sparkle.//

- Great phone by the way, best audio quality, you can never get this kind of quality in any other phone + 3.5 mm headset + USB mass storage what else can you ask in a phone.

- All cameras in phones have CMOS sensor so the quality will look like shi* whatever your phone is and whatever the resolution is, so if you want a good photo quality get a real camera with CCD sensors for the best image quality.

- The battery backup is pretty good unlike what i've read and after update there will be Flight Mode.

*Get the phone fast!!

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  • 2009-05-10 12:31
  • ftAM

> In reply to MICHEAL @ 2009-05-09 06:18 from vGaH - click to readHi . . I agree with you but the phone does not have brightness adjustment. And is set to full brightness by default so if you extensively the battery drains in half days. . . . . The preset themes are dark and are not visible in sunlight . Themes are not available for s40 phones via third parties. . . So there it is.

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  • 2009-05-10 03:24
  • ji{R

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