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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 preview: First look

04 September 2009 | Read the review | Post your comment
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 preview: First look - read the full textThe Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 has been in the center of attention ever since its first unofficial shots leaked online. Much like most other gadgeteers, we've had our hands itching to get one and luckily our...


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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-09-05 20:08 from nbuy - click to readMore MP or not, SE camera is always great, read gsmarena review where they state that even when they tested a prototype the camera is great, the final product will be even better. X2 camera is better.

N900 records WVGA @ 25fps while X2 records at WVGA @ video is also better and yes it will be able to record in mp4, thats the beuty of SE as they make the most customizable sets.

N900 have 256 physical memory like X2, the rest is virtual, we will see how it turns out.

About OS, maemo LOOKS good but we can only tell when it will come out, Windows is a very good os if you know how to use it and don't forget windows has huge third party software support which maemo doesn't have.

About processor speed, N900 has 600 mhz but X2 has a faster processor than N97, so do you agree that X2 is better than N97???

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  • 2009-09-05 20:28
  • uW5p

> In reply to Adiel @ 2009-09-05 08:17 from PF2x - click to read"N900 has 5mp camera while X2 has 8mp camera..."

MP:s mean nothing. See my post below. And add mass storage memory and Cortex CPU as other advantages as well.

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  • 2009-09-05 20:11
  • nbuy

> In reply to Adiel @ 2009-09-05 08:17 from PF2x - click to readTo name a few things (between N900 and X2):

N900 camera (Carl Zeiss optics, dual-LED flash, WVGA-video) >>> X2 camera (W995 sensor)

1 GB virtual runtime memory >>> 256 MB RAM

Maemo 5 >>> WinMo 6.5

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  • 2009-09-05 20:08
  • nbuy

gsmarena like mobile-review is fast becoming Nokia maniac.....may be they are getting funds from nokia...

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  • 2009-09-05 19:15
  • 2ZjH

sony the best!!!!SE X2 its elegant,beautiful and look so nice more than nokia N97(too biiiiiiiG!!!)and omnia II(too simmmple!!!)

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  • 2009-09-05 14:12
  • MfxH

well done SE ^_^

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  • 2009-09-05 13:47
  • nT3D

I have an N97 as a gift. CPU speed is straightly garbage, and so is the Symbian OS as well!

I still have my Omnia i900, and I am still waiting for a true successor.

This X2 seems to be quite the upgrade of a Samsung i900.

At least the X2 has an "optical trackpad" like the i900, but I wonder if it is the same as having a mouse pointer like in the i900.

I find the auto-rotation feature on a phone to be quite annoying. I have that feature turn off since day 1 in any of my WM phone devices. I assign a button to rotate the screen when I need it manually, which is by far better. So by not having that auto-rotation feature on the X2 seems to be a good thing out of the box.

Keyboard + 8.1MP camera is a plus.

No massive internal storage is OK (e.g. 8/16/32GB), as long as ROM + RAM is adequate with little extra space to save some of the most important data/programs.

I am concerned about the CPU speed though.

Some lags could be okay when starting up programs. But the most important thing is that the system can play video files smoothly. No dedicated graphic design?

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  • 2009-09-05 12:54
  • kMhW

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-09-05 09:46 from 2CGe - click to readoh come on, you can say that you think N900 is better looking if you like but to say that X2 is ugly or something like that is just bullsh*t, just look at the pictures, its so damn beautiful.

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  • 2009-09-05 12:37
  • uW5c

Even i8000 Samsung Omnia II shows obvious lagness on you tube. It is armoured with 800Mhz cpu and 256MB Ram. It is the best winmo smartphone in my opinion, but the lag turns me off.
I just couldn't imagine how the lag factor gonna ruin X2 which has the speed spec below omnia 2..
THe winmo 6.5 is just skin change mostly to 6.1. Speed factor is just at the same rate.
And until winmo 7 emerged, I would think twice to force it as my phone choice.

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  • 2009-09-05 12:11
  • wrcc

in the x2 white paper it says it will save videos in mp4
its because x2 isnt finished yet...

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  • 2009-09-05 11:24
  • 03$g

> In reply to Adiel @ 2009-09-05 08:17 from PF2x - click to read" PS. Maybe because I am a SE fan but if you look at it unbiasedly X2 is more sexy and more eye catching, just look at the new pictures of X2, But you don't have to agree with me on this one if you don't feel like :-)
But anyone who says that it does'nt look good is either blind or simply ret*rded..thats for sure. "

Wow... Unbiased?? Are you some 10 year old? In that paragraph quoted, you have been totally biased towards the X2. The looks are a personal thing so others may think the X2 looks good while there are also others that have different taste and therefore don't like its design.

You think the X2 is nice looking? Great, now DON'T you dare try to force this opinion onto others who think differently. This is YOUR opinion and therefore the X2 looks good in YOUR eyes and maybe not others.

I hope my repetitiveness has gotten through your thick skull.

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  • 2009-09-05 09:46
  • 2CGe

I agree with the reviewers. Seems too little, too late. I'm about to buy a new phone, and the original Experia had one thing going for it - style and brushed stainless steel. The latter was worth paying for, but seems to have gone.

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  • 2009-09-05 09:42
  • 0Amg seriously, can any nokia fanboy tell me whats so special about N900 and why X2 is crap??I mean apart from different os everything offered by N900 is being offered by x2 also.

Same resolution, same video playback/recording,both are elegant, both have qwerty, both have resistive touchscreen, same RAM, nokia has big internal memory but that's not something everyone needs and X2 can have upto 16gb card which is more than enough, N900 has 5mp camera while X2 has 8mp camera...
so all nonsense aside why is N900 a great device and why X2 is not good???I am confused, X2 is a great device too, what can N900 do that X2 cannot?
Please no noob bullsh*t like windows is crap because windows is a great os, you just need to know how to tweak it.

PS. Maybe because I am a SE fan but if you look at it unbiasedly X2 is more sexy and more eye catching, just look at the new pictures of X2, But you don't have to agree with me on this one if you don't feel like :-)
But anyone who says that it does'nt look good is either blind or simply ret*rded..thats for sure.

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  • 2009-09-05 08:17
  • PF2x

> In reply to Ken @ 2009-09-05 05:15 from 4yF@ - click to readFunny to see you cannot even count the monthS! I'm sorry to see even simple things that I said are completely beyond your mental power... so sad for you... so sad! I have more than 16 years of High-tech background and kids like you just make me laugh!
..and again kid! marketing has nothing to do with a product's capabilities, try to learn something after all!

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  • 2009-09-05 08:00
  • uKbU

> In reply to Ken @ 2009-09-05 05:15 from 4yF@ - click to readI'll certainly give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume that WinMo 6.5 has a wide variety of speed improvements... but I doubt that will be the case.

I, like many, have now lost my enthusiasm for the device, and that is deadly. It may turn out to be decent, but by that time other companies will have announced other products, and that lack of enthusiasm may be enough to get me to say "I'll wait."

It's especially strange that Sony seems to have half-hearted this redesign when they have their OWN competitor, the X3, on the horizon.

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  • 2009-09-05 07:10
  • 4ImF

How long do we have to wait for the Sony Ericsson Experia X3 (Rachael)
Or will they waiting so long that when they're selling it the specs are sooooo 2009.

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  • 2009-09-05 07:01
  • mGBr

It actually looks very nice and compact in real life.

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  • 2009-09-05 05:32
  • ib4x

> In reply to Saam @ 2009-09-05 03:55 from uKbU - click to readlol why are you making yourself look like a person without much knowledge but trying to act smart? no offence, but you definitely sound like one at the moment.

X2 was JUST announced, and a lot of the X2 in the office are still in early stage. Right now they are only capable of doing what SE want's to show us, not fully functional. There's still months, and I repeat, MONTHS before this unit goes on sale, that means MONTHS of further development. Why don't you go take a look at how Satio's photo is compared when it first came out and how it is now. They are much different, and the units aren't even on sale yet. Give it time, and see how it is AFTER it goes on sale. No point of QQ'ing right now.

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  • 2009-09-05 05:15
  • 4yF@

For those who claim this phone does not suffer from famous lags of X1 because of the new version of OS (6.5), if you look at the following link you'll see how they've been disappointed yet again with the similar lag, probably because of the CPU or poor software development:

Why don't you admit that this phone is a poor device based on today's standards and what is usually expected from SE? It does not even look good! who cares about the MP of the camera? All that is important is the final video/picture quality and if you look at the sample photos, honestly, there are unbelievably disappointing again! So even this 8MP camera is not its improvement... so someone please tell me, what is the real difference?! after more than 1.5 years!

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  • 2009-09-05 03:55
  • uKbU

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-09-05 01:13 from mD6k - click to readYou should not compare N97 with this one. First N97 was announced 10 months ago with that time standards. It does not matter what is enough based on previous experiences, what is important is what is expected based on today's standards. Second, N97 runs Symbian and everyone know what are the differences between these two in terms of resource consumption. In my opinion WinMo is superior in many ways as long as you feed it with more resources.... and third, do not forget that this one uses a higher bitrate video etc which means it should have a better CPU.
Again, we are not talking about what is enough, we are talking about SE which used to be innovative, well, looks like not anyore. Hope to see an exceptional phone from them in next couple of weeks, otherwise it means they've already agreed to to lose their place in the competition.

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  • 2009-09-05 03:46
  • uKbU

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