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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 preview: First look

03 November 2009 | Read the review | Post your comment
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 preview: First look - read the full textWith the X10 Sony Ericsson have gone from zero to hundred in a split second. While they may know their way around high-end devices, pulling off an undertaking such as the XPERIA X10 must have been a special...


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> In reply to Spectra @ 2009-11-03 23:59 from nH93 - click to readThe eclair is to premature to be release.
One thing you forget that, it can be upgrade into eclair

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  • 2009-11-04 00:41
  • uEx%

Looks like a design copied from nokia X6.

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  • 2009-11-04 00:40
  • nId%

No xmas sale AND no Android 2.0? No official word on 2.0 update? No multitouch? Moto and HTC will eat SE for breakfast! What a shame and what a pity... the prettiest of all Android handsets... and is still an epic fail.

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  • 2009-11-03 23:59
  • nH93

the google maps and the web browser are running smoothly because they already optimized it., once they finish everything, there will be no lag for sure.

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  • 2009-11-03 23:46
  • vxnN

those guys who are saying that this racheal X10 big papa of all is slow will be surprised when this multi media smartphone come to life...dont gave ur fowl comments unless u used the phone...this video is of launching device and u cant judge this phone through this stupid video and when it gets a completion it will run as fast as its shown in their teaser it.?

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  • 2009-11-03 23:06
  • u1t3

The people who say there is no lag and directs us to watch the youtube video...those are made my SE and they are marketing ADs OF COURSE THEY WILL BE FLAWLESS. Who do you trust? REAL test or MARKETED test?? think people think, geez so gullible.

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  • 2009-11-03 22:50
  • 5Auf

Wow this phone is a dissapointment...looking at the video by the way it lags and takes so long to respond to way i'm getting this. Lag = Crash. let's just pray it's just a bad prototype.

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  • 2009-11-03 22:47
  • 5Auf

Man .. just by looking at the hands-on video I will never buy this phone. It might be a pretty OS overlay but god it is slow ... Speed ppl speed. I'm tired of waiting after my phones.

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  • 2009-11-03 21:44
  • Qt6f


No Andorid 2.0 (naturally 'cos they chose Snapdragon instead of OMAP from Satio that's ticking in Droid, and it's supported by Andorid 2.0)

No flash... at least I havent' noticed proper flash on the back of the phone!

according to engadget hands-on X10 is battery eater (naturally 'cos it uses Snapdragon - why do you think has Acer downclocked Snapdragon in their A1 Andorid phone??)

they'll never be able to make appropriate optimization for Snapdragon even with the help of Qualcomm, at least not in the level of what Google programmers can do with Andorid 2.0 for Cortex-A8 inside Droid, and upcoming Droid Tablet!

You lame Sony Ericsson All you needed to do is install Android 2.0 on to Satio that virtually has the same hardware as Moto Dorid (aside resistive display)!

But no, you needed to pull out your usual smart-ass mambo-jumbo... eh well now go on and die in couple more red quarters!

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  • 2009-11-03 21:03
  • pWXF

i have seen some of the videos of the's AWESOME!!!!!!not from a usability point of view.....but it is waaaaaaayyyyyyy cooler than any i've seen

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  • 2009-11-03 21:00
  • vber

good displey sleak but i still think satio rules the mobile world

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  • 2009-11-03 20:58
  • 4b6T

look ok for now

don worry about 1.6, SE probably will give a official upgrade to 2

their X2 was the first WinMo 6.5 even though it took like a month for 6.5 to hit the streets after X2 came out.

besides, the modders will probably open this monster up and grab that ui and rebuild a 2 version.

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  • 2009-11-03 20:49
  • UijP

i was disappointed for a number of reasons:
1) less internal memory than rumored (but perhaps se will adjust android 1.6 so u can save apps to sd card without rooting and then if they include a large sd card, no prob.)
2) android 1.6 when competition is using 2.0 especially considering that se is known for taking their time in releasing phones
3) the speed of the device. how did se make it so slow and laggy? it has a 1ghz processor and seemed slower than htc hero.
4) no multitouch. se did a beautiful job with ui but it seems like they added everything except multitouch. y? i mean htc hero has it (not the best multitouch, but still) and motorola milestone has it. se cud hv added it as well

still one of the best, if not, the best android phone anounced so far.

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  • 2009-11-03 20:19
  • Ac3H

check this video out, this is one of the best videos for the new x10, and it shows how smooth, fast, and wonderful it is : The phone was developed in Japan, like I said!!! Japan is good!

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  • 2009-11-03 20:03
  • 0BBg

No lags :

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  • 2009-11-03 19:47
  • pyF7

> In reply to Petter @ 2009-11-03 17:07 from 3SHN - click to readI love HTC phones as well! I'm just not convinced on the gross tilt on google phones.

HTC would probably be my next go-to for phone hunting if X10 turns out to be too expensive.

Regarding the piano-gloss-black.... I personally love it =P
Sure fingerprints, but it wipes off.

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  • 2009-11-03 19:13
  • 9xEg

when this phone goes on sale, we are going to be with an HTC or SAMSUNG or MOTO with ANDROID 3.0


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  • 2009-11-03 18:37
  • LGqc

> In reply to sad @ 2009-11-03 13:24 from 0BBg - click to readever heard of a modded Misti Evo??? 2.0 Ltr with mroe than 500BHP...

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  • 2009-11-03 18:20
  • SbDP

> In reply to Andrew Tan @ 2009-11-03 17:47 from ibqM - click to readFailure ....such a HUGE waste of 1ghz cpu...!!Only SE could do that!!


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  • 2009-11-03 18:09
  • 0TvI

SE still neeeds a lot of hard work! Overall is lagging! The interface is beauty and nice but the speed is! some how wasted the Snapdragon 1Ghz.

SE really needs to hard hard work to speed up the things.

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  • 2009-11-03 17:47
  • ibqM

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