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BlackBerry Bold 9700 review: Dare you go

8 December 2009 | Read the review | Post your comment
BlackBerry Bold 9700 review: Dare you go - read the full textSome handsets will work their socks off to have their fifteen minutes of fame, others are simply born into stardom. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is certainly fortunate to carry a name that stands for popularity and excellence in the RIM family of phones. But this kind of fame can be less a blessing and more of a curse if the successor fails to live up to the standards set by its illustrious namesake


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> In reply to sadaf @ 2011-03-01 15:37 from uWxr - click to readOpen the contact go for options u wil b abale to see copy option ....

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  • 2013-08-29 11:07
  • 3sE3

It does have an FM radio and the micro sd card is not hard to pull out as it is not a pull out type its a push in to release.

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  • 2013-08-01 02:02
  • ABIK

I have a problem E-mail set-up. I press e-mail set -up, its plank nothing come up.and my option third party applicatiom is plank someone

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  • 2013-06-02 16:06
  • kB6H

> In reply to Debuchad @ 2010-03-10 05:03 from 9GmE - click to readThanks a lot for sharing

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  • 2013-03-23 23:01
  • wd8E

I want know this phone call recoding system

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  • 2013-03-16 19:32
  • uNVC
  • Blackberry bold 9700
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How much ?

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  • 2012-09-15 04:23
  • thu9

hey guys is it worth to buy this phone??? if not suggest me plzzz...

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  • 2012-02-26 22:50
  • 95b6

i'm wondering if this phone is unlocked or not?

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  • 2012-02-11 09:03
  • B1fH

I have had this phone for almost a month now, and must i say: IT IS AWESOME.. End.

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  • 2012-01-30 13:48
  • iS%H

white screen

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  • 2011-12-22 04:10
  • 46wi

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-12-10 16:16 from uRGH - click to readNow we know who the sniesble one is here. Great post!

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  • 2011-07-02 09:36
  • nwxc

> In reply to Ex Nokia @ 2010-02-20 23:16 from wrrC - click to readYo, that's what's up truhtuflly.

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  • 2011-07-02 05:36
  • CYp9

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-05-26 18:49 from SjS@ - click to readThat's the best ansewr of all time! JMHO

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  • 2011-07-01 19:28
  • 8U7f

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-01-07 16:28 from PEC0 - click to readYup, that'll do it. You have my apperciaotin.

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  • 2011-07-01 11:08
  • 4TP$

> In reply to Debuchad @ 2010-03-10 05:03 from 9GmE - click to readvery informative! thank you!

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  • 2011-03-04 09:45
  • wHrS

ll any body plssssssssssss help me how can i copy my contects from memory card to ph book pls tell me i m much worried.tnx

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  • 2011-03-01 15:37
  • uWxr

> In reply to Debuchad @ 2010-03-10 05:03 from 9GmE - click to readFor me still its showing the same error... Using TATA DOCMO INDIA Nw

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  • 2011-01-12 10:54
  • P$pE

im so happy, is the best mobile, internet so quickly, bbm, all in one!! i dont what more the people expect from a phone?? obviously doesnt have a 12mpx camera but which sony has mail or bbm?? obviously none! ive speak!!

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  • 2010-11-08 14:52
  • P3ja

Is it true that without a plan,BB9700 is useless? I mean like for me i just wanted a free wifi connection, i wanted only to surf the net via free wifi. Does it mean its not worth buying for?!

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  • 2010-10-20 23:56
  • 3Y7E

I bout mine last Monday. I already went 2 times to the store for a replacement here in Netherlands.
So this is my third blackberry this week. It is always something with cover.

First phone, stand-by/mute buttons was making annoying noise every time I press it.
Because the cover was somehow crooked and it did not fit good.

Second phone, metalic painted frame somewhere around volume buttons was crooked too.
Every time I take the phone in to my hands it made that annoying plasticly noise. Specially when you use the volume rockers. So I went again for the third phone.

The third phone, on the right side, around right lower corner of the screen when you go over it with your thumb you can feel the sharp edge of the screen. This is because the cover does not fit well. Also you can feel the edge on the bottom of the phone where the silver painted frame does not cover well the middle body part of the phone. Also the alt key on the right side bumps out of the frame. It is not smoothly integrated in to the body like the rest of the keys.

This phone costs here around 500 euros but it feels like a phone that costs 50 euros.

I am rely surprised that blackberry's are so poorly built.

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  • 2010-08-29 21:40
  • nXhy

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