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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S preview: First Look

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S preview: First Look - read the full textCompetition is certainly one of the things that make the Android OS so much fun. There are already several manufacturers involved in the Google OS game and each of them has already released a flagship that aims at the peak of the...


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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-04-13 21:35 from smWg - click to readSame price as HD2 was and this is even better

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  • 2010-04-13 21:38
  • 0FeQ

Its a confirmed june release and at 600 euro,google it,plenty of sources say so,this price is a big mistake from samsung.

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  • 2010-04-13 21:35
  • smWg

haha apple wont sue as most of its components are from Samsung. Do your homework

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  • 2010-04-13 21:35
  • 0FeQ

OMG... simply beautiful what can i say. Hopes they release in USA. I have Nexus One but feels outdated now.

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  • 2010-04-13 21:20
  • Cat0

hi GSMArena what about a review on the HTC Desire?

he's one of the best smartphone now..

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  • 2010-04-13 20:51
  • n23L

GSMArena :
Even more, its expected that it will hit the market in about a month, which is even sooner than the Samsung Wave planned release

CHEERS . i love you samsung .

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  • 2010-04-13 20:22
  • prmy

Is that stuck bright pixels in the upper left corner of the screen and a few other scattered across the screen in the video?

Is the super amoled using the normal RGB layout or the pentile RGBG layout in nexus one?

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  • 2010-04-13 20:19
  • Ui$B

Credibily for Samsung this phone will be quick to market, after press release, others need to note this.
Product however not much good as the CPU is an ARM 600 overclocked so you can guess the reliability that will produce, but at least you will be able to warm your hands on it.
No camera flash - hopeless and shamefull, deliberate omission but for what good reason. The only thing to do is show displeasure and not buy it

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  • 2010-04-13 19:59
  • nGyy

lol Samsung better watch or Apple might sue.

Anyways, I think the UI looks horrible and don't like the design of the phone much either.

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  • 2010-04-13 19:55
  • j8LN

would it kill samsung just to add even just an LED flash? seriously! who wants a high-end phone without any sort of camera flash!?

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  • 2010-04-13 19:23
  • uSNS

Its really huge and slow.

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  • 2010-04-13 19:20
  • 3Yaj

How many Ram /Rom????

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  • 2010-04-13 19:14
  • 04u9

A perfect phone for me...
But it really look so ugly and cheap..

I need an x10 with this kind of power!!!

Design/ui of x10 + I9000 specs = the best android.

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  • 2010-04-13 19:09
  • 2Am}

TY GSMArena . but RAM ? How many ?

plz replay .

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  • 2010-04-13 19:07
  • prmx

RAM ??????

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  • 2010-04-13 19:03
  • 04u9

Great review, I anticipate your upload of better 720p recorded videos as I'm really interested in how great those turned out. Everything about the phone is perfect... just 2 minor gripes would be no flash and its size (though I guess its super thin at least).

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  • 2010-04-13 18:55
  • 0cGi


Does anyone know how much RAM this device has.... Samsung will definitely need more than 256mb if they are going to compete with the HTC Desire..


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  • 2010-04-13 18:41
  • LhVF

Wow i love this phone :D

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  • 2010-04-13 18:41
  • 3WMu

It is big

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  • 2010-04-13 18:39
  • t7K%

I will surely buy this phone at launch. Let's see how much it really costs when it comes out.

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  • 2010-04-13 18:37
  • 0BSr

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