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Nokia C6-01 review: Clear as black

17 November 2010 | Read the review | Post your comment
Nokia C6-01 review: Clear as black - read the full textThe Nokia C6-01 comes in as a reasonably priced and well-built smartphone with great all-round connectivity and a unique feature to set it apart from rivals. The ClearBlack display can actually give Nokia quite an edge if it lives up to the expectations. Update, 24.08.2011: checking out Symbian Anna...


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I didn't like this phone design seeing these pictures, but I bought because it have perfect features for me: Compact, USB On-the-go, 720p recording, CBD AMOLED and it's quite cheap. But with the phone in my hands (the black one), I must say that it's simply the best looking phone I've ever seen, and it's actually pretty cute too. When the screen is locked and all you have is a giant clock with black (REAAALY black) background, it looks simply gorgeous.

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  • 2011-03-23 16:47
  • L4Dx
Just look at 0:23, that's the proof that C6-01 have the same digital zoom as the N8.

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  • 2011-03-05 21:10
  • LpIU

GSMArena, you are wrong about the C6-01 digital zoom. Just like the N8, after 50% of zoom, it regains all the picture quality instead of stretch it. Please correct this.

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  • 2011-03-05 17:59
  • LpIU

nokia c6-01 is released in hyderabad. its available for rs.16,000. im going today to get it..... cant wait anymore....

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  • 2011-02-08 11:11
  • utiq

Aww can't wait tho get this phone. :X

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  • 2011-02-07 21:30
  • LpIx

I just can't like this phone design, don't know why. :/

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  • 2011-02-05 23:28
  • L4Db

crazy decision to make phone without autofocus, so it has below average not understand nokia's policy....beautiful phone ,shame!!! same with e7,no AF and bad screen resolution

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  • 2011-01-28 20:08
  • snTJ

Why isssue to comment, C6-01 only symbian 3 which has stylus included in sales pack, and it works nicely unless capasitive touch ! Pretty useful while texting, web browsing etc..

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  • 2011-01-22 18:25
  • pWDi

> In reply to venkata sudheer @ 2010-12-08 23:37 from PSL6 - click to readThe Symbian v Android debate, I have been a critic of Symbian too. However, getting java games to work on Android handsets can be a pain at times, not so the Nokias. I too find the battery life better on my n8 say compared to galaxy s, odd but I'm slowly going back to a Nokia, yes do miss live wallpapers better screen res etc, but as a phone and easy to use maybe I do see nokias point. Still cannot understand why the non qwerty keyboard in portrait mode though, any ideas Nokia????

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  • 2011-01-15 19:30
  • nUet

> In reply to George @ 2011-01-04 05:08 from Lri3 - click to readso, in order to have symbian 3 either we can choose 8mp krappy fixed focus or a extremely priced 12mp autofocus. we need more phones to choose, with 5mp or 8mp autofocus. just look at every phone maker

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  • 2011-01-11 14:09
  • 3E0q

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-11-30 10:00 from p6pM - click to readyou re joking right? or are you a nokia employee :P
dude, full focus sukkks compared to auto focus when scanning documents. have you seriously tried each?? the farther away you are from a peace of paper, the weakest is the flash, and poorer image quality.
at this pace, and this kind of choices, nokia is going to disappear

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  • 2011-01-11 14:06
  • 3E0q

> In reply to Hg @ 2010-11-18 03:07 from KS5N - click to readThere is a Nokia phone with the same features and more with AF named the N8

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  • 2011-01-04 05:08
  • Lri3

> In reply to edi @ 2010-11-18 04:26 from IaRt - click to readC'mon the C in the name is for Cheap, and you get the cheap functions in the C6 because also lower number means more cheap, so if you want great camera go and get the N8.

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  • 2011-01-04 05:07
  • Lri3

> In reply to Nick @ 2010-11-18 08:31 from t75x - click to readIn thwir test they mention 24 hours, so it sounds good to me, not impressive but good, I have had phones with less than 12 hour battery life

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  • 2011-01-04 05:04
  • Lri3

> In reply to Alui @ 2010-11-23 22:50 from mm3{ - click to read1- Not true, the first time you use the internet, in email, rss, or browser the phone will asked ou to set the connection.
2- Ovi Maps has better maps, more updated, than Google, in my country.
3- the browser is slow, but it renders all fine, just too slow, but there are alternatives, not only Opera Mini

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  • 2011-01-04 05:02
  • Lri3

> In reply to Alui @ 2010-11-24 15:49 from Am9Y - click to readThere is no such thing as Nokia suite, and the maps are already installed in the phone.

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  • 2011-01-04 04:56
  • Lri3

check this out guys...

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  • 2011-01-02 15:37
  • t7FF


Can anyone tell me how the images taken with the fixed-focus camera on this phone compare to the auto-focus on the N95 8gb?
Would it be a step backwards to go from N95 8Gb to C6-01?
Even though the N95 is a few years old it's still a flipping good handset featurewise.

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  • 2010-12-15 14:56
  • Tk3{

wth.. whats the point of capacitive screen if it doesnt support multi touch on texting? foshu playing games on this phone sux!

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  • 2010-12-09 22:50
  • v0Xt

> In reply to ginger man @ 2010-11-26 05:02 from uS6L - click to readHi Ginger Man,
Without Apps and Videos there is no need to buy the touch screen, since, N96 or N73 or any qwerty phone would be sufficient. the purpose of touch is to do more work or to do faster and more experience. For the same price you are getting the motorola XT3,XT5, CHARM and others. There is no need to buy this product. As far as symbian is considered its very good but not optimised for touch and nokia is closing the services it used to offer for Symbian.
example of apps:1) you can sync all the incomming/outgoing/missed calls to google calender.
2)Many touch games are there like Angry birds,sniper which are free
Those who taste the Android are not comming back to Nokia that's why nokia is loosing share so rapidly.
Now a days people are not caring the hardware good example is Samsung galaxy s has 5mp no flash but still its no1 model and so the milestone.
People needs experience with touch.

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  • 2010-12-08 23:37
  • PSL6

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