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Nokia C6-01 review: Clear as black

17 November 2010 | Read the review | Post your comment
Nokia C6-01 review: Clear as black - read the full textThe Nokia C6-01 comes in as a reasonably priced and well-built smartphone with great all-round connectivity and a unique feature to set it apart from rivals. The ClearBlack display can actually give Nokia quite an edge if it lives up to the expectations. Update, 24.08.2011: checking out Symbian Anna...


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wth.. whats the point of capacitive screen if it doesnt support multi touch on texting? foshu playing games on this phone sux!

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  • 2010-12-09 22:50
  • v0Xt

> In reply to ginger man @ 2010-11-26 05:02 from uS6L - click to readHi Ginger Man,
Without Apps and Videos there is no need to buy the touch screen, since, N96 or N73 or any qwerty phone would be sufficient. the purpose of touch is to do more work or to do faster and more experience. For the same price you are getting the motorola XT3,XT5, CHARM and others. There is no need to buy this product. As far as symbian is considered its very good but not optimised for touch and nokia is closing the services it used to offer for Symbian.
example of apps:1) you can sync all the incomming/outgoing/missed calls to google calender.
2)Many touch games are there like Angry birds,sniper which are free
Those who taste the Android are not comming back to Nokia that's why nokia is loosing share so rapidly.
Now a days people are not caring the hardware good example is Samsung galaxy s has 5mp no flash but still its no1 model and so the milestone.
People needs experience with touch.

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  • 2010-12-08 23:37
  • PSL6

No stereo speakers?

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  • 2010-12-06 08:52
  • L4D0

Plz tel whether gps services are there in india. In which network.

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  • 2010-12-05 08:16
  • KFQ@

Evry1 states al d advantages regarding c601, plz tel d main disadvantages of this sets.

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  • 2010-12-05 08:11
  • KFQq

> In reply to Gwalior king. @ 2010-12-04 09:39 from KFQ8 - click to readC6-01 India launch is Jan'11 & price about 14-16k.

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  • 2010-12-04 10:45
  • 2S}T

When will c601 launch in india and what would be its price.
Do reply

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  • 2010-12-04 09:39
  • KFQ8

Fixedfucus camera seems to be a great thing, automatic zoom, istant shot,every shot just fine as the review.
For the business purpose, I think with 8MP sensor, you can shot A4 image above 50cm and then view with zoom without any problem.

Just Great!

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  • 2010-11-30 10:00
  • p6pM

Trust Nokia to screw up an otherwise good product. The fixed focus camera is just terrible. I had my eyes set on the E7, but then I found out it employs the same "fixed focus" crap. If I'm going to be buying such a premium-priced phone, I expect it to function well in all departments. What's the use of 8 megapixels if doesn't even have friggin' autofocus? The photos come out terrible! 5 megapixels WITH autofocus would've been much, much better. Why, oh, why Nokia did you have to do that with the E7?

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  • 2010-11-27 06:04
  • ttcr

how can u tell s^3 is not good, for me it is excellent o.s, its simpler faster and powerful than any other os. the only benifit of android is the no.of apps in android market which r useless n u'll never use all those. all apps which i use n important r there in OVI store, then y android?

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  • 2010-11-26 05:02
  • uS6L

whic s better c60-01 r c7 any idea plz tel me

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  • 2010-11-25 07:29
  • tYWF

> In reply to Alui @ 2010-11-24 23:32 from mm3{ - click to readWell I kind of tried to say that in one of the earlier posts, but wasn't very clear. The offline (when GPS locked!) takes seems to take the city and country from current location.

So if I search for something in the same city, address is enough. If something in the same country, I need address and town. If in another country (from my current location) it needs "street city country".

At least that is how it has always worked for me.

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  • 2010-11-25 06:13
  • nmM%

> In reply to Sails @ 2010-11-24 16:13 from ntg6 - click to readI did what was recomended in that link and still offline mode did not work. I read on the net that in order to get the results you need to type: Street (nr) City Country. Like that it works. See even you did not know that:)!

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  • 2010-11-24 23:32
  • mm3{

> In reply to Alui @ 2010-11-24 15:49 from Am9Y - click to readYou are welcome. Now Nokia Suite, that is something I don't like ;)

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  • 2010-11-24 16:13
  • ntg6

> In reply to Sails @ 2010-11-24 14:50 from ntg6 - click to readI used Nokia suite to install the maps. I did not know about the index. Jees, you need to do advanced research to be able to use Nokia phones. They should give a degree in Symbian, since you need to study so hard.

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  • 2010-11-24 15:49
  • Am9Y

> In reply to Alui @ 2010-11-24 14:27 from Am9Y - click to readSo if that was X6 experience, why complain about S^3? You don't see me complaining about Android phones based on Cupcake or Donut.

Even the stock browser is quite decent with javascript turned off, but I am waiting for the update with interest :)

My OVI search works offline as I said. I do this all the time when travelling since the roaming data prices are ridiculous. Are you sure you have installed both the maps and the index? If none of the searches work, maybe the index is missing.

This link might help:

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  • 2010-11-24 14:50
  • ntg6

> In reply to Sails @ 2010-11-24 06:05 from nmVj - click to read"Trolling again Alui? At least try to find proper faults..."
Look what trolling means in a dictionary. I presend my Nokia X6 user experience, that's all.

"1. Never used this, but I'm sure this is a horrible thing :)"
Well setting some parameters for all applications from the stock browser settings is very logical, no?:)

"2. Totally wrong. Never had any problems with this. Online search is more powerful (dedicated servers rule, surprise) since you can practically search whole world with start of an address. Offline it only goes through something like the city you are in (based on GPS lock). If you want to search other cities you need to add the city to the address. I can search any address that is in the maps loaded on the phone though."
As soon you use online search in roaming, there is no more "free navigation". I do not know about your Ovi maps, but I think I tried once to search the street I was on, in offline mode and it did not find it. I have all the available maps for Europe loaded.

"3. You already mentioned Opera and I know you know there is a completely new browser coming so why troll?"
You use that browser if you can:).

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  • 2010-11-24 14:27
  • Am9Y

Bad news Nokia users! Games based on the Unreal engine (Dungeon defenders is first, coming in December) are coming to OpenGL 2.0 enabled devices (iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S as far as I know). That means, no such games for Nokia phones.

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  • 2010-11-24 14:18
  • Am9Y

> In reply to Sails @ 2010-11-24 06:05 from nmVj - click to readwhat do you know about RBG and PenTile?

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  • 2010-11-24 12:53
  • Kg$N

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