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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo review: More than a sequel

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo review: More than a sequel - read the full textIts a sequel. Same cast and the same story but with a new lead and a new director. Shot in HD. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo is to settle some unfinished business at the box office. A year stands between the Vivaz and the Neo and Android does make all the difference...


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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-12 00:12 from 3XLT - click to readReally? Check out the phone page on GSMArena, maybe you should tell them to correct the mistake.
Also, even if it was 350 EUR, it's is too much for this phone, it got simply nothing that stand out from the competition.

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  • 2011-05-12 02:14
  • L4DH

> In reply to Abadi @ 2011-05-12 01:17 from nxhk - click to readSE leads when the competition got Multi-core CPUs and AMOLED screens? I'm sorry but SE is probably the worst company in the Android realm, the only thing that is good about their phones is design.

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  • 2011-05-12 02:13
  • L4DH

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-11 23:51 from LpIQ - click to readwell for the others brands this is high end phone but for SE it;s mid-range phone

that's why SE lead the others just follow

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  • 2011-05-12 01:17
  • nxhk

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-11 23:51 from LpIQ - click to readIt actually costs about 350 euros...

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  • 2011-05-12 00:12
  • 3XLT

> In reply to Ahmed @ 2011-05-11 20:19 from fvL1 - click to read"Midrange"? Are you kidding me?
This phone costs 450 EUR, it's even more expensive than Optimus 2x and Galaxy S.
I think that GSMArena point got sense.

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  • 2011-05-11 23:51
  • LpIQ

The camera is great in photo and video comparison tool and better than Arc
GSMarena review say's that the camera is average, why?
even the samples are great too.

another comment:
This phone doesn't have full HD video recording and dual core processor
no need for this features in mid range phone

This phone simply is the best in it's class

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  • 2011-05-11 20:19
  • fvL1

After reading the whole review, everything in the phone is good but i would still like to see telephony on every android model(smartphone) which sony develops as it is a handy and a very useful feature.

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  • 2011-05-11 19:25
  • utsH

See it like it try it love it....
See design be difference with the other..
unfortunately when arrive to my country, Indonesia..
hopefully soon....

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  • 2011-05-11 17:35
  • KxIC

... noone even needs 1080p video - it's overkill that offers little visual difference to 720p, just excessively large video files. ... not to mention that 1080p video kills my laptop!

I'd rather have tweaked camcorder-quality 720p any day, than entering yet another stupid "Megapixel race" that's nothing but marketing BS.

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  • 2011-05-11 15:50
  • nGJj

I'm really interest in this phone, Camera is important for me, GSMarena said yhat the camera is average but when I take a look on image comparison, it even slightly better than Arc in some area... Im confused

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  • 2011-05-11 15:05
  • wcd5

> In reply to abhi @ 2011-05-11 08:03 from uvbe - click to readIm confused. As the preview mentioned that the camera is great. And now the review said that it is not?
Need to find another site for a review to compensate.
The preview has great results and the review is so so? Hmmmm

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  • 2011-05-11 14:58
  • t7Sy

just get a second hand N1, the only diff is the camera, and you can bet you will always be the first to get OS updates.

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  • 2011-05-11 14:52
  • Q{xY

Main Disadvantages according to GSM Arena
>Competition have Dual Cores and 1080p HD recording

but Neo is not competing in Dualcore Phones right? this is just a Mid Range All rounder phone >_

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  • 2011-05-11 13:12
  • t7yK

I think the review (and others) omits one very crucial thing about the physical dimensions:
This ought to be on the list of "Key features".
(and similar for larger screens the lack of it on the "Main disadvantages")

It is as if gsmarena thinks bigger are just better... It's not!
For all of us not having monkey-hands and 4" thumbs, well then 3.7" is on the limit of what is one hand operable.
Try tacking one on your favourites with a 4.3" screen in one hand and try to touch all four corners...

And If you switch to landscape, even 3.7" is uncomfortable with one hand...

(This is EXACTLY why apply increase the ppi, but stay down at 3.5")

And YES I can hear people complaining about not being able to touch the exact position on a high ppi-screen. Well this is why Gingerbread improved the Text selection as described in the review.

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  • 2011-05-11 10:47
  • 0u3G

is Neo capable of performing 3G video call?
if not, then better buy Samsung i9003 Galaxy SL.

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  • 2011-05-11 09:34
  • Qxpq

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-11 08:34 from 3XLT - click to readtotally agree with you, Vivaz shoot in HD too, they must rename the Title to Vivaz in Android

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  • 2011-05-11 08:55
  • t7yK

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-10 21:05 from nGyy - click to readGood points!

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  • 2011-05-11 08:35
  • 3XLT

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-10 22:31 from LpIQ - click to readAgreed, it would've been better if it was "Vivaz with Android".

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  • 2011-05-11 08:34
  • 3XLT

Well i guess, wave II's hardware is better than this but in software it wins, it also dont support divx,. How sad, i thought i'll be glad that this phone is better than wave II.

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  • 2011-05-11 08:27
  • t7Xh

HI dudes!!! to those people who keep bashing SE phone due to not having Dual core, 1080pi Vids and etc... ask ur seld first.. What a certain feature does to you??? U'r just a non-sense if u ahve no questions.

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  • 2011-05-11 08:26
  • K7gQ

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