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HTC Wildfire S review: S-size droid

HTC Wildfire S review: S-size droid - read the full textMini phones are hot and HTC don’t want you take Sony Ericsson’s word on that. What started as a small niche is now a segment that keeps growing – and one that no manufacturer can afford to ignore. Sony Ericsson have just announced their...


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Why not mention Nokia C6-01 as a competitor for Wildfire S?

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  • 2011-05-23 18:10
  • LpI{

im confused between samsung galaxy ace and wildfire s......which 1 shud i buy? coz ace has higher clock frequency than wildfire s plz help...

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  • 2011-05-22 12:48
  • 2S$v

Does this wildfire s has gpu?

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  • 2011-05-22 08:41
  • PxGC

hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has ambient light sensor.

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  • 2011-05-21 18:53
  • uwZ8

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-19 07:37 from S9hm - click to readWhat are you talking about?! Wildfire S has the same ARM11 MSM7227 processor as Galaxy Ace.

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  • 2011-05-21 15:39
  • nuXm

> In reply to Chris Leonard @ 2011-05-20 12:24 from SiG5 - click to readChris is there an equalizer preset on the music player of this phone? Thank u

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  • 2011-05-21 02:26
  • t7Xh

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-19 17:27 from smQx - click to readThats Impossbile For it to be at that price are you sure that its not the orignal wildfire ?
I mean Even carphonewarehouse only have it for £220

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  • 2011-05-20 12:24
  • SiG5

> In reply to rtkomar @ 2011-05-19 15:10 from uuh0 - click to readWatever. The audio quality is good anyway.

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  • 2011-05-19 18:15
  • t7Xh

I've seen this phone marked for 150 euro pay as you go in my local shop,at this price this is a great phone!!

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  • 2011-05-19 17:27
  • smQx

This is the best phone i have ever used...

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  • 2011-05-19 16:10
  • GZ1M

It is good that you people take the same building(probably in front of your office.. :P ) picture from all the phones in camera test.. I am a regular reader of DP Review too and the problem I face there is the samples they add for every camera is taken at different place and conditions.. So it is difficult to compare the pictures(hence cameras) directly(but reviews will be great)..

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  • 2011-05-19 15:17
  • uuh0

> In reply to Jeic @ 2011-05-19 11:33 from t7Xh - click to readHmmm.. You are late to the party(which was good for you in this case).. :P When they posted it first, there was no audio quality test.. Probably they had missed it.. It has been added later..

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  • 2011-05-19 15:10
  • uuh0

Where's the equalizer? Ever forgot it or what? And hey mate there is audio quality test, and the test tells itself it beats the galaxy ace and other phones that competes on this. C6-01 is the 1st better and this is the next.

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  • 2011-05-19 11:33
  • t7Xh

The review states that this handset doesn't do 720p video recording...I have the phone sitting in my hand for testing, and yes it does

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  • 2011-05-19 10:16
  • ixum doesn't support Wildfire S... Reviewers please do something about the review.

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  • 2011-05-19 10:14
  • uRGH

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-19 07:37 from S9hm - click to readYou are right.The 800MHz Processor of Samsung Galaxy Ace can not record videos above QVGA@15fps.

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  • 2011-05-19 09:48
  • 0Ud8

The 600MHz snapdragon CPU that is present in Wildfire S is faster than the 800MHz ARM 11 CPU that is present in Galaxy Ace. You cannot compare processors from different architectures based on their clock speeds.

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  • 2011-05-19 07:37
  • S9hm

200 euro or 300$ on the market today, very expensive, look at the zte blade, you can find it for 70-80 euro and has bigger screen.(and it s the same quality: plastic!)

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  • 2011-05-19 06:14
  • Kgwp

Now I like HTC devices, good builds, good UIs and they rarely fail to deliver. But this all boils down to this: it is an entry-level phone with a midrange price. If it were price slightly lower than the Galaxy Ace, I would definitely consider this.

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  • 2011-05-19 05:50
  • wYKv

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