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Apple iPhone 4S review: Fast 4ward

21 October 2011 | Read the review | Post your comment
Apple iPhone 4S review: Fast 4ward - read the full textThe last thing you need is one that looks exactly like your ex. On a second thought, it's too early perhaps to end it. You two did look great together, your iPhone 4 and you. In fact you still do. iPhone 4S owners, this is between you and your phone's inner voice - Siri. iPhone 4 owners, this...


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My iPhone 4s battery easily drain can I replace a new one

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  • 2014-12-09 16:47
  • t7Xk

My apple iPhone 4s good camera quality

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  • 2014-12-09 12:29
  • rAeC

I love iPhone 4s. Though there is a new iphone which is iphone6 and 6plus. I don't care. This 4s fits for me as a high school student. Hahaha anyways. Hands down to apple gadgets. :)

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  • 2014-09-10 08:19
  • PT}x

My iPhone 4s it is gd but it will not open my wifi I don't know where I ask kindly send me what I do because spend me a lot of my data , how time I slide to open my wifi network but it's not open

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  • 2014-07-07 18:16
  • apNi

Please tell me if i should buy an iphone 4s or a samsung galaxy s3? Please quick ...

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  • 2014-06-28 11:53
  • uZaU

i am thinking of buying apple 4s 8gb but i am confused shall i go for newer models of other brands or shall i buy apple..suggest me...

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  • 2014-06-27 20:41
  • XN5s

How can I find out a back button in iPhone 4s apps store
I want to back button on my screen
Bcoz my cell have a so hard button

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  • 2014-02-05 17:56
  • tUXt

Iphone 4s is best phone my view. iphone 4s immage quality is sooooooooooo good...........

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  • 2013-10-04 09:28
  • PA7Y

> In reply to Moro Xs @ 2012-05-19 22:33 from Nu%t - click to readThank u Moro xs for ur comment

It make me clear to buy 4s

Please mail me ur mail id to plz

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  • 2013-07-18 03:56
  • 7t%1

I Love iphone 4s ;)

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  • 2013-07-04 10:12
  • wurF

I phon 4s is awasome

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  • 2013-04-30 09:26
  • rKyU

How do u get siri

  • Reply
  • 2012-12-27 13:30
  • kAYS

Updates local network

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  • 2012-12-05 23:39
  • PxkK

> In reply to Moro Xs @ 2012-05-19 22:33 from Nu%t - click to readBut you are really right ! But you should really ditch the nokia ! I am Getting the 4s ! I was supposed to get the s2 but finally switched in a weird turn of events XD !

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  • 2012-08-28 12:26
  • s0G4

> In reply to Geani @ 2012-07-03 02:34 from AmP9 - click to readSry to say s3 has 8 megapixel camera and i have sony xperia s which have 12 megapixel camera and because of white magic display all photos look great normaly in all phones pixel made of only three colour red,blue and green but in new sony xperia s 1 plus colour which is white all photos look bright and amazing

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  • 2012-08-18 20:31
  • KFQc

> In reply to Pritam Das @ 2012-07-20 06:58 from t1$A - click to readWhen steav job had offered adobe to make softwere for imac in 2000 they said no and steav job get shocked then he take decision that iphone ipad and ipod touch and all ios device do not support flash player of adobe company this is true because i also dont know why they not support adob flash but after reading steav job auto bio graphy i got the reason of ur que... If any help u should mail me

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  • 2012-08-18 20:24
  • KFQc

> In reply to Geani @ 2012-07-03 02:34 from AmP9 - click to readI personaly checked both's cam, but i found iphone 4s cam is 100 time better than samsung galaxy s3, and tell me one thing samsung galaxy have HDR,?

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  • 2012-08-03 06:42
  • n2Kg

> In reply to Geani @ 2012-07-03 02:34 from AmP9 - click to readquestion of the decade: why there is no flash in iphone's safari? why? why? why?

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  • 2012-07-20 06:58
  • t1$A

> In reply to Geani @ 2012-07-03 02:34 from AmP9 - click to readDude, galaxy s3 has 8MP camera, not 12.
Iphone 4s easily overshadows ur galaxys3, and you're saying s3 will overshadow iphone 5? Have u gone crazy?

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  • 2012-07-20 06:55
  • t1$A

> In reply to Droid user @ 2012-03-23 03:16 from 3dv5 - click to readSamsung Galaxy S III has an auto-focus camera of 12 mepglixeas with 4000 x 3000 pixels resolution. It LED flash is great for photography in dark/dim light conditions. The camera features include geo-tagging, touch focus, face/smile detection and image stabilization. 1080p HD videos can be shot at 30fps by its camcorder function. The phone also boasts a 1.3 mepglixeas secondary camera that can also shoot 720p HD videos.You can buy Samsung Galaxy S3 rather than Apple iPhone 5 when it will launch in the Indian mobile market. For more information, you can try to visit the given links over here.

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  • 2012-07-03 02:34
  • AmP9

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