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Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 review: Everyone's invited

23 November 2011 | Read the review | Post your comment
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 review: Everyone's invited - read the full textThe Samsung Galaxy Y is a smartphone approved for all audiences. Perhaps in hindsight, our Galaxy Note review should've been rated PG. But well yeah, we're always wiser in hindsight. Anyway, you don’t just wake up one...


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i love you galaxy y. but some battery backup problem

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  • 2012-02-05 16:04
  • rAUV

> In reply to mj @ 2012-01-11 14:54 from uvji - click to readbattery backup is not like nokia 2730, but much better backup than nokia smart phones

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  • 2012-02-05 00:03
  • 2FY$

> In reply to Zhane @ 2012-01-27 03:20 from t7G% - click to readyes, I also got headphones , micro sd card & usb cable.

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  • 2012-02-04 23:54
  • 2FY$

> In reply to mark santero @ 2012-01-20 07:54 from 0C07 - click to readYou can update via wifi. Settings>about phone> software update.

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  • 2012-02-03 07:21
  • IkPI

WHile we are on a call the phone was going to hold mode as that option was on the screen and while we are talking it was touching to the ear and phone was going to hold was a big head ache in unholding the call every time

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  • 2012-02-02 08:25
  • ut3k

The battery backup is very very poor i need to charge once sometimes twice in a day for my normal...and low usage.

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  • 2012-02-02 08:23
  • ut3k

The greatest smartphone that fix for younger generation's budget. Good performance and slim n nice design. Using from last november still no faults to report. A BEST DEVICE FOR YOUNGSTERS...

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  • 2012-02-01 14:41
  • iwpE

i just bought samsung gaalxy y s 5360.i was using nokia 3500c till date with pc suite. i am not able to connect to my laptop( windows 7 updated) with kies version the mobile. i have tried i need to load the driver separately too. is it avl somewhere??

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  • 2012-01-28 00:47
  • 2@cf

I recently bought it and there comes a headphone in the package. Maybe the absence of earphone in the review is country specific.

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  • 2012-01-27 03:20
  • t7G%

performance of phone is good .
but battery back up is the main problem.

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  • 2012-01-26 17:25
  • uvtd

limited apps. have a hard time finding an bible apps. anybody who can share about this?

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  • 2012-01-24 07:22
  • wu4r

> In reply to joh @ 2012-01-03 06:14 from 2FY$ - click to readIf u have money

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  • 2012-01-22 18:26
  • PAmi

best android phone at its cheap......

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  • 2012-01-22 13:33
  • U@$}

When i got my device, I received music earbuds too which has good quality sounds.

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  • 2012-01-20 18:00
  • iwpJ

> In reply to mark santero @ 2012-01-20 07:54 from 0C07 - click to readWell my device is working perfectly with Kies. I update firmware using Kies all the time. Must be something wrong with your device.

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  • 2012-01-20 17:58
  • iwpJ

dont buy this unit... it is not supporting KIES by samsung it is hard to connect.... i try to update the firmware but it cant connect...

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  • 2012-01-20 07:54
  • 0C07

> In reply to optimus net @ 2011-11-23 19:11 from U@g{ - click to readGalaxy y can support how much gb micro sd card without hanging?

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  • 2012-01-19 11:39
  • iwqW

Samsung Galaxy Y 5360L Battery got burned and exploded it.

My Samsung Galaxy Y 5360L was turned off at the moment that I was charging the battery on last 01/01/2012 and after 2 hours, the battery just got exploded burning my sofa.

The Samsung Galaxy Y 5360L itself got burned and full of damage because of the battery.
I follow the instructions how to charge it, it wasn't a short circuit cause the other electrical devices are working totally fine.

I went to the store where I purchased to claim the guaranty cause The Samsung Galaxy Y 5360L had only 15 days with me and had full of warranty per 30 days.

The changed it, off course the kept the damage device with accessories and they provided me a new one with all new accessories.

It was something scary and disappointment since I had never experience something like that before with any brand of cellphone.

Now my question is? Who's gonna pay for my Sofa?


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  • 2012-01-18 19:49
  • ka3Y

please help me friends,

my doubt is can i use skype software for voice call, from android market, on this phone.... and is this phone can minmize windows and take another??/ pls give me a reply....

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  • 2012-01-16 12:07
  • sSNH

I can't receive picture messages. Any idea as to what to do.

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  • 2012-01-14 20:01
  • 3pL1

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