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Nokia Asha 200 review: Dual SIMpatico

3 February 2012 | Read the review | Post your comment
Nokia Asha 200 review: Dual SIMpatico - read the full textNokia's Asha is back for another round of bargain basement action and we find ourselves wondering how much cheaper it can get. Most of the time it makes sense to be skeptical of the lowest bidder but we've found the Finns' budget lineup to be efficient...


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can i play yootube videosin this phone.
please tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,,,,

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  • 2012-02-18 13:14
  • bCgw

Can anyone say how to download flash player in Nokia asha 200 guys help me

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  • 2012-02-18 07:44
  • YUKZ

> In reply to Sam @ 2012-02-09 06:42 from t1$E - click to readthnq for the advice........this will solve my confusion...

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  • 2012-02-16 20:02
  • Xur4

No eco prOBLEM.

Very nice i love nokia asha 200

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  • 2012-02-15 11:16
  • uZa%

where to find equalizer settings? GSMArena said it was hidden deeper in Music Menu. it looks like gold..lolz

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  • 2012-02-13 14:52
  • thft

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-02-09 02:33 from UD}D - click to readI got the same message as yours, ...can perform faster if connect with USB 2.0...

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  • 2012-02-12 17:58
  • 9Eja

Hi, in the Nokia website, the screen has 65k colors, why is that in this review, it is 256k? Please verify and confirm. Thank you.

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  • 2012-02-11 13:42
  • vx2c

No Wi-Fi and No 3G! I almost choked to death on my tofu burger! This day and age you'd expect them to be the bare minimum!

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  • 2012-02-10 18:07
  • YPa$

omg, people really bothered to comment on this phone, i am surprised.

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  • 2012-02-10 13:26
  • PTij

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-02-09 02:33 from UD}D - click to readYou should be able to view all files through the 'Gallery'. You can manage all the files on your memory card from here.

However, there are some internal system files you can't see through the phone menus - and if for some reason you need to access them, you'll need to connect your phone to a PC.

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  • 2012-02-09 23:15
  • Fv4$

Proud ASHA 200 USER

Define ASHA 200

Good LOW END Phone

Smart Series 40 UI

Good Battery

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  • 2012-02-09 15:06
  • K7YH

Worst phone, echo problem is there.
Ultimately u r buying a phone for calling, but bcos of echo problem we can't understand what the other side caller is telling. I m using now.... Now regret it.
So don't waste your money.

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  • 2012-02-09 06:42
  • t1$E

And no file manager.

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  • 2012-02-09 02:33
  • UD}D

Got this as my secondary phone yesterday.

Can't find the equalizer presets.
"Not enough memory" message pops up I open the music player with a custom theme being used.
The Nokia software updater crashes (always).
Got the "this device can perform faster if you connect it to a high speed USB 2.0..." message.

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  • 2012-02-09 02:33
  • UD}D

using this phone for 2 days, enough for me to say it's kinda lame.
- no usb charging... r u kidding nokia? micro usb charging is an international standard. even for cheaper phone.
- echoing problem happen if you put your mouth close yo the mic, put it between 2 cm, the echo will gone away.
- no contact sync for Indonesian. contact the provider? where is manual setup like older nokia? syncml is a must!

+ qwerty pad is good, very responsive.
+ phonebook is okay.
+ monstrous battery!!!

price/feature? I give it 6.5 from 10

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  • 2012-02-08 01:45
  • thu9

> In reply to sa @ 2012-02-04 17:58 from 2SM8 - click to readis the phone with get colour full back cover ,like sumsung champ ,,is in this phone video phone play or not ,,plz rply fast

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  • 2012-02-08 01:25
  • s8Ih

> In reply to z @ 2012-02-07 06:36 from YbM6 - click to readYes. S40 phones in general provide great usability and superior battery life, at a reasonable cost.

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  • 2012-02-07 07:14
  • Fv4$

is that even a phone?

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  • 2012-02-07 06:36
  • YbM6

Not gud for talking echo problem
Other wise it gud

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  • 2012-02-06 12:51
  • fCPv

boring design, even more boring features.
looks like they made this phone with used parts of e-series.
nokia, why dont you just die with honor than live with nonsense phones. you were a legend, keep up that rep.

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  • 2012-02-06 08:11
  • PTij

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