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Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III review: S to the third

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III review: S to the third - read the full textToday is no ordinary day for the GSMArena test track, which is about to see the Bugatti Veyron of smartphones do the rounds in an attempt to beat the lap record of its predecessor. Samsung have spared no effort to protect the Galaxy S III against any odds.


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Fck hot.. I just get.. Love everything.. But so hot... I will change it soon...

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  • 2012-06-22 07:29
  • PWaw

gs3 is really really hot.. it even started a flame! LOL!! LOL!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

"It doesn't look good. This Galaxy S III apparently malfunctioned while in an in-car holster, causing some substantial melting and burn marks across the lower half of the device. The global HSPA+ iteration of Samsung's new flagship apparently sparked into white flames, followed by a bang. While it's certainly not the first smartphone to implode in transit, the damage -- along the base but separate to the charging port -- looks pretty substantial and although the screen still apparently worked, reception was dead. The phone has been whisked off to a repair center through phone retailer Carphone Warehouse for the full autopsy. User dillo2k10 was left unscathed, but it's apparently left some nasty molten plastic remain on the inside of his car. Hit up the gallery link below for some more scorch-marked close-ups."

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  • 2012-06-21 03:35
  • SeEM

> In reply to Chirash @ 2012-06-20 07:32 from Q6xI - click to readHi,

I bought it in India for 38000.Rs.
I'm using task killer, but still thats not helping me much.
Also, do you know why the battery shows 100% charge and when I pull the plug it shows 99%?


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  • 2012-06-20 20:01
  • wdU1

> In reply to Ratna @ 2012-06-18 12:56 from DD0p - click to readHi, for how mych did you purchase it and from where ??
And Available RAM will be arounf what u said.use task killer. tht might help

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  • 2012-06-20 07:32
  • Q6xI

> In reply to ALAN @ 2012-06-19 13:46 from 3HDg - click to readAlan,

phones4u, got the one x on vodafone 300mins, unlimited text and 500mb internet. i was gonna return it as i didnt like it. they offered s3 as exchange. didnt argue :).

s3 more comfortable on hand. unlock is easier. personal preference.

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  • 2012-06-19 18:44
  • LhNh

> In reply to london man @ 2012-06-18 20:39 from LhNh - click to read"getting s3 12months contract @ £36 p/m. phone is free"

Hi London Man,

Where you getting it from, & who is the operator?.

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  • 2012-06-19 13:46
  • 3HDg

getting s3 12months contract @ £36 p/m. phone is free. got htc one x, dont really like it. unlock button too far up, got girlie hands so struggle to use it with one hand. any1 find it difficult to use S3 with one hand

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  • 2012-06-18 20:39
  • LhNh

Hi All,

I'm using S III from last 1 week. Below are few queries.

1.Though the Phone shows as 100% battery, the moment I plug out, it shows 99%. Why is this happening? Is this only to me or to everyone else?

2.I dont see a Document editor, I see only Polaris viewer. Do we need to buy this software or do we need to download it from any site?

3.When I connect to Kies, it says, "Your device doesnt support software upgrading via kies". What we need to do in this case?

4.Performance is too low and the available RAM is always shows less than 300, even without installing any apps. What needs to be done to improve Performance and Battery backup?

Could you please answer these?

Thanks a lot for the help & time (In advance)in answering all the queries


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  • 2012-06-18 12:56
  • DD0p

I got the S3 yesterday, since I owned a iPhone 4S here the comparison:

DESIGN: Galaxy S3 design is stunning, the feeling on hands is incredible. The ergonomics makes all the difference. The iPhone 4S is very squarish and definitely more solid but heavier too (way heavier);
SCREEN: Galaxy S3 screen is wonderful with vivid colours and sharp imaages, 4,8 inches vs 3.5 of the iPhone, after you make the transition you wont never come back, impossible.
OPERATING SYSTEM: S3 usability is a boom. iPhone is good but never at the level of the S3, way way slower.
BATTERY: S3 gets full day + 30% remaining battery, iPhone last till four or five PM;
GPS: Galaxy S3 gets locked in less than 10 seconds inside a building, iPhone searches and searches with no success;
CAMERA: they are very similar, S3 is faster and iPhone is may be a bit better in term of quality. No dramatic difference.
S-VOICE vs SIRI: they are both very basic and more fun than usefull.
USB-BLUETOOTH: iPhone only works with iTunes, no Bluetooth, no radio. Galaxy S3 can be usb-connected to computers and flashmemory, it has easy bluetooth connection and yes ... it has an amazing radio :)
APPS: to be sincere, all relevants apps in iPhones are present in Android. They have better design but they are at payment while in Android are always free. No mayor differences.

Galaxy S3 is an extraordinary good purchase. Recommended for all ex-iPhone users. You wont regret, there is a world outside iTunes :)

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  • 2012-06-18 04:23
  • 8IMJ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-06-16 12:52 from nTpT - click to readWrong blog for that. Check on XDA developers or just Google it - you'll find plenty of articles.

On a different note -
As an SGS1 & S2 owner, I'm not blown away by the S3. When I first played with the S2 it was like 'Wow! - this is sooo much better than the S1'. Smoother, sooo much more responsive, no lag, more (practical) functionality, slimmer, lighter, more powerful, better display, more advanced hardware...the list goes on. S3 is good, it's just not a leap in the same way.
It's old tech rehashed (see ), though rehashed well. Whether you think it's design is good or bad, it could be better (thinner, lighter, slimmer bezel, better materials). RGB screen, memory size.... and others.
None are bad, it's just it could..should have been better for the calibre oi device this is meant to be.

One big positive, it's got great software optimisations, something the S2 lacked. It lets the S3 do so much more with the hardware, makes it feel like it has better hardware then it does.

iOS is so smooth because it's optimised for the one device - iPhone. Despite shortcomings (real or preceived) the S3 is one of the first android devices to really do the same. This makes up for a lot.

If Samsung keeps up the optimistaions and learns from the S3 criticisms, then OMG - SGS4 is not going to be leap but a pole vault beyond everything!

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  • 2012-06-17 20:10
  • P%ns

> In reply to hafizali05 @ 2012-06-15 08:57 from XuRA - click to readmaybe in case of considring S2 VS S3 but what i would like to know is generally whats the major upgrade from 2.3 to 4?

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  • 2012-06-16 12:52
  • nTpT

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-06-13 17:10 from nTpT - click to readtrust me brother there is nothing great in this phone except the phone memory size and the display it sucks and the price is sick... better buy s2 and upgrade it to ics..

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  • 2012-06-15 08:57
  • XuRA

it some time disply cut offf

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  • 2012-06-15 07:56
  • vG@m

> In reply to Travelbug @ 2012-06-14 06:58 from TSDC - click to readhello, go to play store, you can find it there for free.

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  • 2012-06-15 02:38
  • t7Uv

Sgs3 only has polaris office viewer:-( I really need to be able to edit documents!

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  • 2012-06-14 18:05
  • fjRt

Hi all, I have purchased a galaxy S3 very recently and already I am facing a strange issue/bug: the display turns on on its own randomly without my intervention, and after some time turns off to turn on again! This happens randomly and repeats the pattern many times. Anyone else facing this issue? I have not downloaded any updates yet as seemingly, the OTA update has still not reached India.

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  • 2012-06-14 15:49
  • PSLa

I live in New Zealand and my new Samsung Galaxy SIII does not come with Polaris Office preinstalled and boy it it hard to find it anywhere. The iTunes website said I needed to register to download Polaris Office, so I did and they have it for $10. Why pay when the phone is supposed to have it? Does anyone know how I can download Polaris Office App for free onto SIII?

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  • 2012-06-14 06:58
  • TSDC

Can someone list the changes from 2.3 GB to 4 ICS whats the new features?

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  • 2012-06-13 17:10
  • nTpT

no polaris office installed on this phone, only polaris viewer:-)

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  • 2012-06-13 12:27
  • n%xs

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