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Sony Xperia ion for AT&T review: US Xperiance

Sony Xperia ion for AT&T review: US Xperiance - read the full textSony was the talk of town during CES 2012 back in January and the Xperia ion for AT&T was among the main reasons why. Launched alongside the Xperia S, the Sony Xperia ion took the great honor of being the company’s first LTE smartphone. To make the matters even...


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Speakers burn out within six months.
Battery is a huge problem: won't keep a charge more than 1/2 hour after six months. ions overheat til they're hot to the touch.

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  • 2013-10-14 15:21
  • Ikcc

Nice phone

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  • 2013-09-18 03:07
  • rJUJ

Can use the video call for this sony xperia ion....?

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  • 2013-09-02 13:44
  • ib6Q

It's a awesome experience using it.....

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  • 2013-05-04 04:53
  • XuGp

Is it worth buying ion...users pls me what are the problems???

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  • 2013-04-15 18:50
  • U{76

> In reply to ayon @ 2012-10-07 19:42 from uNVC - click to readAre you serious???? You don't know anything about cell phone, right?? ...... I own this phone and it sucks in every possible way you can think of. The battery doesn't lasts half a day and to make things worse, it's fixed. The camera doesn't beats a good 8mp shooter. Images are so noisy in low light that you cannot just use them as wallpaper or pint them. Half of the time, video is focusing even when framing a stationery object. This phone cannot run temple run along with music player even when very few or even no programmes are running in the background. Sometimes, even chrome running alone crashes. The available ram is only 650 mb (which is very less then competitors) out of which, hardly 200 is free when no useless programme is running and yet every app from bowser to ps touch and from music player to a game crashes. The list can go on the whole day and night but i will just say: THE WORST PHONE I'VE EVER USED AND GOODBYE SONY YOU SUCK.

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  • 2013-03-14 21:16
  • KIFf

this is the best mobile.

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  • 2012-10-07 19:42
  • uNVC

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-11 14:43 from YPb1 - click to readThat's before Xperia s now it's offically google phone after the ASOP like galaxy nexus.

BTW i own the Xperia s and already update to 4.0.4!

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  • 2012-09-05 17:45
  • pRGI

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-13 02:48 from 4Db0 - click to readTRUE 100%. I used to own SGS2, G note and know i won Xperia s and galaxy nexus honstlay Xperia s way better than galaxy s2 and note.even though those bench mark shows that SGS3 and HTC One x didn't has that an impersive performance with quad core only in games perfromance cause of the better GPU.

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  • 2012-09-05 17:39
  • pRGI

All views awesome... Pls upgread fast in ics...

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  • 2012-08-08 12:23
  • rAPs

I just bought it, the body is very attractive, but I don't like android 2.3.7, all they go for ICS. Why Sony? U too late, no upgradable, I already use ics on many phones, S2, S3, HTC one X, GS Note... But when I see ion, love the body but old android. Plz upgrade to ics as fast as u can, so I maybe change

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  • 2012-08-05 23:57
  • u44R

> In reply to xyro @ 2012-07-11 15:31 from IVAN - click to readIm in SA and want a expiria s it has android 2.3 ginger bread. Now what I would like2knw, does it have a new model which comes with a 4.0 ice cream sandwich or is it upgradable to it.

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  • 2012-07-28 23:33
  • 9DY$

gr8 mobile

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  • 2012-07-27 12:16
  • tUdx
  • Pabitra punk Debarma
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  • Rating0

I like this

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  • 2012-07-26 21:31
  • 2Zd{

Why can't Sony Just get a phone to market in a timely manner. Looks like things havn't changed much since the Sony Ericsson days. For what it's worth I would surely Sony phones if they just put the latest hardware in them!. Looks wise they are the best phones out there.

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  • 2012-07-20 02:01
  • vuqa

Only an insane guy will recommend GS2 as an alternative to Xperia Ion.

GS2 is total garbage compared to Xperia Ion. Ion comes with a much better 720P true HD display, a much better camera, a better design. It's not really that hard to figure that out.

GB is ion's downside. But hey the beauty about sony phones is there is a thing called flash tool. And international version of Ion is already running ICS. It'll take you 5 minutes to flash official fully functional ICS ROM onto an AT&T Xperia Ion. For a $50 value, there is no single phone in the market that can beat the ion.

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  • 2012-07-13 02:48
  • 4Db0

> In reply to ISJ @ 2012-07-10 19:57 from U@ET - click to readIf Sony really wanted to distinguish themselves from the competition and truly rebrand, they would make the clear light bar a standard on ALL of their phone models so that people would notice the brand from a mile away. My roommate has an Xperia S unlocked and everyone stops to ask him what kind of phone it is. No one asks me about my Galaxy Nexus because no one notices curved glass or superior OS updates from far away.
The transparent line through devices is simply design genius and distinguishing through a sea of Android lookalikes.
Pick a theme and stick to it, Sony...

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  • 2012-07-12 02:52
  • RkEx

where's the 360??

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  • 2012-07-12 00:58
  • 9xEf

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-11 04:03 from YPb1 - click to readCant agree with that at all . SGII received 4.0.3 at the same time xperia s received 4.0.4 .

Your point which interpret that sgII is older but receive update faster is invalid due to ICS is not exist before both phone are made so they are start from the same point .

If really wan to say with that unreasonable way ,i can also say that sgII took 1 years to get update while xperia s tooks 3 months .

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  • 2012-07-11 15:36
  • IVAN

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-11 14:43 from YPb1 - click to readseem like xperia S receive ICS update not late than note and sgII .

And this is the situation we consider afew region . Almost all of xperia s receive 4.0.4 as the oppose of 4.0.3 sgII and note received worldwide in short time .

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  • 2012-07-11 15:31
  • IVAN

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